UP NEXT: 16' Liberty QB Tyler Burgess

2016 Liberty quarterback Tyler Burgess passes the early eye test standing 6'6 192 pounds and with some intense training he's making impressive progress heading towards his junior season next year. With a few schools taking a look early he's hoping to turn those looks into some offers within the next year or two and he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Tyler Burgess Profile

Some college coaches covet the prototype pocket passer while others want the mobile quarterback who can move around. In 2016 Liberty quarterback you've got a 6'6 192 pound prospect who is surprisingly athletic given his youth and size. Three games into his sophomore season Liberty finally abandoned the triple option offense in favor of a pro-style set and Burgess started to show the signs of a promising prospect. That's why he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Move forward to a few months removed from the end of his sophomore season we caught up with Burgess training with in-state based quarterback trainer Ramon Robinson who trains many of the top high school and college quarterbacks within the Carolinas and Georgia. The height is the first thing that sticks out to you but the youngster has a nice arm with good accuracy.

The 2016 prospect talked with us about his sophomore season and updated us about his recruitment thus far.

"I passed for 1,257 yards and 11 touchdowns last season."

He also talked about his best game of the season with us.

"My best game of the season was Week 4 against Powdersville. I had 151 yards and 2 touchdowns in our first game after abandoning the triple option. It was the beginning of a pro-style offense that has more of a passing game. We ended up losing that game by 6 in the final seconds."

Changing the culture into more of a winning one is something Burgess is trying to do by working on the technical aspects of his game. He talked about where his currents strengths and areas for improvement are.

"My arm strength and my accuracy are my biggest strengths right now. I'm working on improving my footwork, mechanics, and recognizing leadership roles."

Burgess talked about his work with Robinson thus far and how things have progressed in that time.

"In my opinion I've already made noticeable progress in all those categories in only 2 sessions with him. He emphasizes footwork and mechanics the most. It helps breaking everything down and perfecting it and then putting it back together like he does."

Still a sophomore Burgess has heard from a few schools thus far but he's hoping a good off season matched with a strong start to his junior season next year will send more suitors his way in a hurry.

"Furman stopped by the school the other day to invite me to their elite camp in June. Georgia and Virginia have sent camp information to me in the mail but that's it as of right now."

Looking ahead to his junior season the 6'6 192 pound prospect talked about what he'd like to accomplish with his team.

"We had a rough year last year as a team. The biggest goal this year for me will be trying to get us into the playoffs and make a significant impact in our region. I think with team success my individual success will follow."

Given his size and quickly improving game we definitely expect more schools to come and check out Burgess given his nice mix of size, athleticism, and skills. He talked about what schools he'd like to hear more from moving forward in the recruiting process.

"It honestly wouldn't matter to me, but if I had to prefer I would say schools that run a pro-style similar to what we have now. Schools like Georgia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, or local schools like Furman or UT-Chattanooga."

We asked the Liberty signal caller if he likes to watch or pattern his game after any particular quarterbacks out there?

"Me and my family have always been Alabama fans so the past 3 years I've been watching A.J. McCarron. He's my role model. He is a game manager and a coach on the field."


  • Burgess was an All-Region and All-State selection for basketball this year as a sophomore.
  • Set the school record with 62 3-pointers this season.
  • Averaged 17.3 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots per game.
  • His 1,257 yards passing was also a school single season record.

Finish this scenario...TYLER BURGESS
Your team is down 7 with a minute and a half to go and you've got the ball on your own 20 1st and 10 with 80 yards to get a touchdownn.

"First down routes down the field: hitches and slants to the markers getting out of bounds every time while running the no huddle the whole time. We score within that time and win it on a two-point conversion."

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