2015: SCPrepNation's Top 10 Running Backs

Our 3 headed braintrust collaborated and hammered out our current Top 10 running backs in the Palmetto State for the 2015 class. Some names you'll obviously be familiar with and there are a few new names that we'll introduce you to over the next month or so. Ty'Son Williams is number one but where do the rest fall after the 4-star from Crestwood?

Below we've got our current Top 10 running backs for the 2015 class as of June 14, 2014. It was a long process but these are the selections we made amongst a fairly deep position here in the Palmetto State.

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1. Ty'Son Williams (Crestwood)- Easily the top prospect among this year's batch. Able to run through or by opposing tacklers is what impressed us most, and why after a strong 2013 campaign he may be in store for a better year this upcoming season.

2. Matt Colburn (Dutch Fork)- Possibly the strongest running back pound-for-pound in the state of South Carolina, regardless of class. Not the fastest but plenty fast enough, and is mighty efficient in both the run and pass game. Rarely will the first or second tackler bring him down, and is always leaning forward for positive yardage.

3. Isaiah Hill (Byrnes)- Versatile back often overshadowed in the "High-Powered Offense (HPO)" that Byrnes employs, often lighting up the scoreboard at will. Definitely a weapon in backfield in passing game, but we want to see him become tougher on run downs between the tackles. Has the size and strength to do so, just needs to make it happen.

4. Raquan Bennett (Manning)- A "bowling ball" of a running back, in that at 215-pounds he does not necessarily have the speed to run past tacklers, but more than enough to run through them. Bennett is equally talented at the linebacker position, and served as one of the positives in a rather lackluster year for Manning on the gridiron.

5. Joseph Young (Fairfield Central)- A strong workhorse in the backfield for a Griffins team that typically must rely on speed instead of size in the trenches. As a result of Fairfield Central's deep run through the playoffs in 2013, his strong, physical running style also was on display much more and has drawn college scouts in his direction. Has the potential to move up the list a few spots depending on how his senior season goes. He also has the ability to play at wide receiver or defensive back if needed.

6. Jarius Jenkins (Hunter-Kinard-Tyler)- Probably the thing we liked the most about Jenkins is his vision, and how once he sees a running lane open he gets there in a flash. His toughness and physicality may also be a bit underrated, particularly considering his size (5-10, 190-pounds).

7. Trayvon Thomas (Darlington)- Tough runner, particularly between the tackles where his true explosive nature comes to the forefront. Rarely can one opposing tackler bring him down, as what he lacks in speed he makes up for in power.

8. Kenny Waring (Wando)- Not the biggest in terms of size, but as far as big play potential there are few in this class that have the ability to make defenses shudder in their cleats. One of the more versatile weapons in the state with his ability to catch passes out of backfield and despite his size offer a bit of physicality. Typically though, opposing defenses are in his rear view, possessing a gear few in this class have.

9. Tyrik Johnson (Goose Creek)- Once kind of an afterthought behind fellow running back Caleb Kinlaw, Johnson emerged as a capable replacement after rushing for 1,147 yards and 24 touchdowns his junior season. Though he doesn't have the size of those coming before him, Johnson proved he was both durable and reliable. Such will again be needed this season for the Gators in their run-heavy scheme.

10. Lutrell Dallas (Southside)- With good prototype size Dallas has put up some solid numbers for the Tigers and has shown during his career he's more than capable of playing on the next level. Strength is key to his game now but will need to get faster to move up on the list and add more offers. Offense at times hinders his stock because they are employing more of a passing game which doesn't give him as many reps as he probably could handle wearing down opposing defenses.

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