UP NEXT: 16' Myrtle Beach QB Drayton Arnold

Quarterback is looking like SC's deepest position in 2016 and one of the top prospects is Myrtle Beach's Drayton Arnold. Leading the Seahawks to the AAA state championship last season the 5'11 185 pound prospect reminds many of another QB that plays for the NFL's Seahawks. That championship drive and early success is why he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

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Leading your team to a state championship is something that every high school quarterback dreams of. Doing it as a sophomore though speaks to the talents that Myrtle Beach quarterback Drayton Arnold has as he did just that this past season. The 2016 prospect is on the radar of quite a few schools early on and he sat down with SCPrepNation.com as he's "UP NEXT" with us.

To say it was a strong season for Arnold would be a gross understatement. The sophomore recapped his stats from last season.

"I had 2,573 passing yards and 32 touchdowns with 12 interceptions and a 101% quarterback rating. I also had 503 rushing yards."

Arnold talked at length about his best game of the season and he saved it for the very biggest game of the season, the AAA state title game.

"I would definitely say our state title game against the Daniel Lions was my best game. They were 14-0 and nobody really expected us to win. I threw for 297 yards and had a key drive in the fourth quarter to setup the game winning field goal. I think what made the game most memorable to me was the way we fought adversity as a team. No one expected us to win but we believed in each other."

The Seahawks triumphed over Daniel 24-21 and ended the season 11-4 but raised the AAA state championship trophy in the biggest win of the year.

The 5'11 185 pound prospect talked about his game in depth and where his strengths are currently and what aspects of his game he wants to improve on the most moving forward.

"Reading defenses and recognizing a weakness in a defense and take advantage of those weaknesses is probably my biggest strengths right now."

"Mainly improving my speed and quickness are the biggest things I want to improve on."

As we mentioned before Arnold quarterbacks for the Seahawks and he's also a big fan of another Seahawks quarterback that is almost the same size.

"I'm a huge Russell Wilson fan! I try to emulate my game around his and outwork everyone around me because he does the same and he's only 5'10."

After winning the state championship this past season we asked Arnold what his goals are for the team heading into his junior season?

"As a team all we want to do is win another state title. We all have trust in what our head coach, Mickey Wilson, has engraved in our heads since day one. We just need to continue to improve as a team everyday."

"As far as individual stuff I try not to pay attention to stats too much, but most importantly I want to stay healthy and help my teammates and coaches have another successful season. And have fun while doing all that."

So far Arnold says he's hearing from Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State, Charlotte, and East Carolina. He says he doesn't have any offers yet but he's hopeful he'll land one soon.

"I think right now Wake Forest, Charlotte, and East Carolina really like me. Maybe Clemson, you just never know."

Thus far Arnold has camped with Wake Forest, Clemson, Charlotte, NC State, ECU, and at Duke (for their QB College). Are there any schools in particular that the 2016 prospect would like to hear more from in the near future?

"At this point I really appreciate any schools that shows interest in me. It really doesn't matter to me as long as the school has a genuine interest in me playing quarterback for their team."

So what will that first offer be like for Arnold when it does come? And what will he be looking at closely when choosing a potential college destination?

"That first offer will be awesome. All I want to do is make my family and my coaches proud. And yes I would definitely pay more attention to that school because I would know that they would want me and that I can contribute to their football program."

"Number one for me is having a major that I'm interested in. Number two would be the graduation rates. Number three would be the type of offense and the atmosphere that the coaches and players bring to football and the production aspect of everything. Number four would be wide receiver recruits and current receivers on that team."

The Myrtle Beach quarterback will soon start training with quarterback trainer Ramon Robinson of RREliteQBTraining soon. Robinson has been training many of the top high school and college players over the years.

SCPrepNation.com will have more updates with Drayton Arnold as his recruitment starts to heat up over the next two seasons.

Bench press: 220 pounds
Squat: 315 pounds
Power clean: 235 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.67 seconds

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