QB Tyler Burgess Talks Manning Passing Acad.

Already 6'6 192 pounds 2016 Liberty quarterback Tyler Burgess is a prospect to watch. A desire to excel is something we've seen in Burgess early on and he recent went to the Manning Passing Academy to learn from quarterbacks on the next level to try and continue his progression. We sat down with Burgess to talk about his time there and at a recent ACC camp he attended.

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You'll never find fault in a prospect who continues to put in the work to be the very best they can and that's the case with 2016 Liberty High School quarterback Tyler Burgess. The 6'6 192 pound signal caller has been busy since we introduced him last month and he caught us up to speed with some of the things he's done since that time.

"I went to Peyton Manning's Passing Academy. It was pretty great, the college guys taught me a lot while I was there."

So what are some things he picked up during his time at the event?

"Kevin Hogan from Stanford helped me with the footwork and reads on play action plays since we run similar pass plays. Anthony Boone from Duke had several drills that helped me focus on getting the ball out of my hands quicker. I think those things were the most helpful to me, even though everything there was beneficial."

Burgess says the staff also keyed in on what areas he's already pretty solid in.

"They said my accuracy and arm strength strength are my biggest strengths right now."

With that being said its safe to say that Burgess is definitely headed in the right direction. With his team moving from a run heavy attack to a more wide open passing attack to take advantage of his skills his numbers should ramp up during his junior season.

One of the schools that has been showing a good bit of early interest in Burgess is Wake Forest and he went to camp with the Demon Deacons over the weekend. He talked about his time in Winston Salem and how things went.

"I threw really well but I get overlooked everywhere I go because my 40 time or shuttle speed isn't the best. They had a couple favorites that threw well and also had good times."

Burgess wasn't discouraged but says he'll continue to work on all aspects of his game to be a more complete prospect. He's already a step ahead of most of the competition being 6'6 and being able to see over the line with ease. Add a strong arm and good accuracy and he's got a strong foundation to build upon. He should be able to get stronger and faster during these next two seasons and the 2016 prospect says he'll continue to work hard to make progress there.

There's also a hunger and motivation in Burgess that we like a lot as well. He shared with us some other things that helps push him each day he's on the practice field or in the weight room.

"Nobody from Liberty has gone to a D1 school to play a sport and stay all 4 years in like the past 40 years. The few that have gone anywhere quit before school even starts and that's why I'm trying my very best to be the first to go places and finish the objective successfully."

With a new passing oriented offense and a hungry Burgess at the controls leading his team there's no reason to doubt he can be the first to make that dream a reality before he's done playing football.

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