UP NEXT: 16' Dorman QB Collin Hill

Although he's only played one varsity game in his career the upside is undeniable for 2016 Dorman 3-star quarterback Collin Hill. The 6'4 210 pound prospect has performed extremely well at various college camps and has drawn early interest from some of college football's top programs. With that being said we went one on one with Hill as he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Collin Hill Profile

The recruiting process has already taken off in a big way for 2016 Dorman quarterback Collin Hill. With minimal playing time on the varsity level he's already on the recruiting boards of some of the top programs from the southeast region and a few national programs as well. We talked at length with Hill as we discovered he's got all the makings of a strong D1 prospect and will have two seasons to showcase his talents for those coaches.

"I played JV last season and on JV I threw for 1,500 yards and 21 touchdowns. I did play three drives on varsity and was 8-12 for 129 yards and 2 touchdowns."

Hill talked about his first series on the varsity level.

"Well our first game was against Wade Hampton and I got in at the very end for one drive. I went 3-4 for 50 yards and a touchdown. It was special because that was my first varsity game I played in and I threw a touchdown. As a kid you always dream about playing for Dorman and scoring a touchdown and everybody cheering and then actually having that come true was a pretty cool experience. I thought I would be really nervous going in but I was actually really relaxed."

This off season Hill has been one of the busiest and most traveled prospects in the 2016 class here in South Carolina. He recalled some of the schools he's camped with and what's up on his schedule next.

I've camped with Georgia, Louisville, Wake Forest, Clemson, and I'm going to South Carolina on Friday and then to Stanford on Saturday."

He opened plenty of eyes camping with Georgia and earned his 3-star rating from Scout.com's Chad Simmons there. He talked about his time in Athens in-depth and what the kind of rapport he has been able to establish with their coaches early on.

"UGA was great. I loved it down there. The facilities were really nice and I enjoyed walking around the campus. The stadium was very impressive, it was bigger than I anticipated it to be. The coaches saw me at the 7 on 7 and said I looked really good. Coach Bobo worked me out during one of our breaks down there and invited me to Dawg Night. I did pretty good at Dawg Night but not as good as I hoped. But I got into a rhythm and started throwing it good. The coaches said I looked good and was still young, they said I had good presence and control of my offense at the 7 on 7. Coach Bobo told me to not worry about the recruiting process and just go out and win games for my high school. They said they want to stay in touch and get me up for a game or two this season. I talk to coach Bobo every so often."

"UGA was great. I loved it down there.”

The 2016 prospect also talked about what the other schools that are currently involved have been saying to him.

"Louisville I did really well at their camp and they like me a lot. Wake Forest I did good and they were interested but not like Louisville. Clemson was good they just said they needed to see my escapability in a game. All the schools say they need to see me in a varsity game before they can go further which I completely understand."

Hill broke his game down for in terms of strengths and areas he'd like to improve.

"I think my knowledge of the game is on of my strengths and making quick reads. I move well in the pocket and I'm an accurate passer. College coaches have told me that I lead my team well, that I have good presence, good size, good footwork, and have good arm strength."

"I try to work on everything to try and get better but specifically I have been working on my speed and my drops."

The Dorman prospect talked in depth about two players he likes to watch and learn from, one of which he talks to regularly and is from the Spartanburg area as well.

"My favorite quarterback is Tom Brady. I love his competitiveness. He is always prepared for the upcoming game, he is a winner."

"I talk to Dylan Thompson sometimes and he is always telling me to work on footwork. I also love Dylan's courage in sharing his faith. The Lord is his rock and comes first and I feel the same way."

Looking ahead to his junior season we asked what his goals were and he had this to say, "honestly I'm not worried as much about my goals as I am about my team's goals."

Hill will have our #1 ranked wide receiver in the state, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, to throw the ball to this season and he talked about having the rising senior as a teammate.

"I love having J.J. out there! You can always count on him. We work together a lot so I'll know where he will be at any point in the play. But it does take some of the pressure of knowing you have a stud like that you can go to."

Along with the schools he's camped with or will be soon Hill says he's also hearing from UCF, Maryland, UAB, Arizona, NC State, Penn State, and Michigan State. Moving forward the 2016 quarterback says he'd love to hear from more from any of the ACC or SEC schools.

Hill reports a 4.8 GPA in the classroom currently and projects like an easy qualifier.

We'll talk with Hill once he is finished with camps at South Carolina and Stanford this weekend so stay tuned to SCPrepNation.com early next week to find out how things went on both trips.

Check out some of his testing measurables below:

Bench press: 200 pounds
Squat: 315 pounds
Power clean: 215 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.9 seconds

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