UP NEXT: Christ Church WR Braxton Westfield

2016 Christ Church wide receiver Braxton Westfield has early interest from ACC and SEC schools. The 6'2 185 pound prospect should emerge in a big way for the Cavaliers who are seeking their 4th straight state title and we sat down with Westfield as he's "UP NEXT" with SCPrepNation.com!

Braxton Westfield Profile

Our "UP NEXT" series rolls along and this time we feature 2016 Christ Church wide receiver Braxton Westfield who came on strong last season during his sophomore year for the Cavaliers as they won their 3rd straight state title. We talked in-depth with Westfield about his season, recruitment, and plans moving forward during these next two seasons.

"My best game last year was the game against Carver's Bay High School. I had 5 receptions for 70 yards. The most memorable part was knowing that my catches helped get the team into scoring position to finish the game with a win and a state championship."

The 6'2 185 pound prospect talked about what areas of his game he feels are his biggest strengths currently as well as areas he'd like to improve on moving forward during these next two seasons.

"My height and my ability to go up and get the football are my biggest strengths. I want to improve on my speed and my ability to get in and out of cuts."

His sophomore season ended with Westfield posting 500 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. That potential has already drawn interest from schools early on.

"I'm hearing from Auburn, Clemson, Georgia Southern, Citadel, and Georgia Tech. Auburn is recruiting me the hardest right now I'd say."

Westfield has camped with Georgia Southern, Clemson, and the Elite 16 Camp at Auburn. He broke down things for us as to what those coaches have said to him thus far.

"The coaches all say that I have a good talent and they are going to keep an eye on me. Coach Bentley at Auburn said that my talent is God given and that I'm truly athletic. He also said that I have great hands, great reach, and that I have good speed."

During his time at Auburn Westfield was able to experience quite a few things while there for that Elite 16 Camp.

"We toured Auburn's academic halls for freshmen players and the rest of the players that need help from a tutor. I got to see Auurn's football locker room and their trophy room. I really liked the academic hall. It shows that they really care about their academics and not just athletics."

Looking ahead to his upcoming junior season Westfield is looking forward to helping Christ Church try and win their 4th consecutive state championship and he talked about some of the goals he's set forth for himself.

"The goals for the team are to take one week at a time and to focus on our opponent for that week and not look forward to the upcoming weeks. My personal goals for this season are to help the team as much as I can, to get at least 1,500 yards receiving, and get some offers before my senior season."

Westfield talked about a player that he likes to compare his game or style of play to.

"I feel that my game is like Sammy Watkins. I say that because he doesn't let the ball come to him and goes and gets it. He doesn't take plays off and he is quick on his feet. He's a guy I try and get better by watching him on the field."

SCPrepNation.com will have more updates with Braxton Westfield as he appears set to emerge in a big way this coming season for the Cavaliers. Check out his testing measurables and how to follow us on Twitter below.

Bench press: 205 pounds
Squat: 275 pounds
Power clean: 250 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.7 seconds
Pro shuttle: 4.45 seconds

One thing about me most people would be surprised to know: "That no matter how the game is going or how we end the game I will always have a big smile on my face."

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