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Last Saturday 2015 Byrnes CB/ATH Lyrics Klugh took a ride up to Chapel Hill to check out the North Carolina Tar Heels. We caught up with Klugh after his visit to find out how things went and what's up next for the talented prospect with 15+ offers currently. Klugh is looking to add more to his haul from larger schools and may do that with a key national game coming up.

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With his team sitting at 2-0 on the season having beaten a team that defeated them last season Byrnes CB/ATH Lyrics Klugh is ready to hit the field next week to show his talents on national television to try and push his offer total closer to 20. A few weeks ago Klugh and company had a game and he talked about how things went in game number two of the season.

"I had a couple tackles against T.L. Hanna and like 2 pass break ups. All they did was run most of the night."

After the 50-0 thrashing of Hanna Klugh rode up to Chapel Hill to see North Carolina on Saturday as they took on Liberty. We asked Klugh how he'd rate his trip on a 1-10 scale?

"I'd give it a nine out of ten. I like the atmosphere of the stadium during the game. I got there too late to talk to any of the coaches but I liked my visit. Prior to visiting the coaches have been wishing me a good season and said they will be watching me throughout the season."

He talked about what he liked about the Tar Heels during their matchup against Liberty too.

"The defense played hard and didn't up on plays."

Former Byrnes teammate safety Avery James plays for Liberty. Klugh says he was unable to get to his former teammate after the game to exchange pleasantries.

Up next for the Rebels next Friday is a game across the country in California as they take on fellow nationally ranked De La Salle High School.

Although he's got 15+ mostly FCS level offers Klugh and his head coach strongly feel he's definitely a FBS level player. A conversation with head coach Brian Lane earlier this year revealed that notion.

Lane told us that when Klugh is challenged by an offensive player is a different player altogether and he takes his game to another level being able to lock down defenders.

Add that to the fact that he's a dangerous return specialist as well and you see the value aspect that we see in Klugh being able to play corner, safety, and as a return specialist. We asked Klugh about how he's preparing for the matchup with De La Salle that will be on national television.

"Coach Lane is right. And I still feel like colleges underrate me or don't see what all I can do so I have to prove that I'm good enough to play at big colleges."

We'll see how Klugh and his Rebels teammates fare next Friday when they lock up with De La Salle in a battle of national powers.

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