'16 QB Tyler Burgess Enjoys ACC Visit

With the size and potential already in place 2016 Liberty High quarterback Tyler Burgess is continuing to work on his craft with his team and with quarterback trainer Ramon Robinson. That work has drastically improved his quarterback skills and he's already on the recruiting radar for a number of schools including ACC and Big Ten. We've got the latest here...

Tyler Burgess Profile

Colleges are already taking a look at 2016 Liberty quarterback Tyler Burgess. With a 6'6 195 pound frame and a rapidly improving arm and skill set he's on the proverbial radar with a number of schools. Over the weekend he took a visit to an ACC program and talks about it all here with SCPrepNation.com!

"My visit to Virginia was awesome! It's the greatest university I've ever been too so far. It's one of the best academic schools in the southeast. It also has such a beautiful campus and facilities. Coach London is legit!"

"While on my visit we went through the indoor/outdoor practice facilities, the locker rooms, and some other buildings. We stayed on the sidelines for pre-game and went in the locker room after the game to hear coach London talk to the team after they beat Pittsburgh."

Burgess says while on the sidelines a number of the UVA coaches made their way over to he and his father and shook hands with them and talked for a few minutes.

So is Virginia a place Burgess could picture himself at in the future for college?

"I wouldn't hesitate for a second about going there, I definitely would if given the opportunity."

Thus far during his junior season Burgess has fought valiantly but with a young offensive line he hasn't had much time to throw the ball and he's working with his staff to try and improve things on all fronts. The past few seasons Liberty has been a run based offense and they are wanting to utilize Burgess' skill set as a passer with a spread offense this season.

"We've been trying to work on some of the pass plays and develop some new ones that can help me and the receivers get timing down easier."

There are more visits coming up for Burgess too the 2016 prospect informed us.

"I'll be visiting Purdue on November 9th when they play Wisconsin. I was wanting to check out Old Dominion too but I haven't talked with them about it lately so we'll see what other visits I can make. I'm really looking forward to the Purdue visit though."

SCPrepNation.com will have more updates with Tyler Burgess as he continues to work on his game and try to land his first scholarship offer so keep it right here!

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