A Friendly Reminder

Just a short reminder of the rules of the SC Pigskin Prep.Com message boards. Please read the short blurb and respect the players, coaches, and other posters here on the site.

The personnel lives of coaches, players and those involved with high school football are strictly off limits for conversation on the message boards.

Please do not post gossip, rumors, stories, innuendos, or anything concerning the personal and private lives of anyone.

Please respect their right to privacy and deal with their lives without the public banter from a public forum.

If you have a problem with someone on the message boards then please either bring it to my attention via email or take it to AOL IM. I am really tired of playing nurse maid to a few people who continually post on the board for no other reason than to aggravated other posters. I am simply going to delete anything of that nature in the future. Also other people besides me monitor the boards and may delete messages. Please show a little maturity when posting.

Thanks to everyone for the great discussions on the message boards yesterday. There are some great threads on the boards this week.


Message Board
Guest's Guidelines for Message Board use

The Message boards are getting out of hand. If you question if the post you are about to make is appropriate then please stop and wait a day before you post. If you would not read it aloud to your mother then it does not belong here. I deleted over 20 messages last week and had to referee another thread.

I have 3 simples rules:

1. Don't post it if you would not read it aloud at your Mother's dinner table or if your your kids we're reading it.

2. If your life is so shallow that you have to bash a 17 year old kid, then go away. No bashing players, teams, programs, cities, or schools.

3. Be Nice and use only language that you would use in a public place.

Remember that is no such thing as hiding on the net and eventually you will be exposed.

Have Fun and Play Nice

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