High School Simulator 2002 Pre Season

SC Pigskin Prep Simulator        2002    Pre Season

I am in serious withdrawal now that the USA and England have both been eliminated from the World Cup. Last week I got an email from an old friend that works for EA Sports in development. He sent me a copy of product they are working for next year.

The game is a football simulator that allows you to take a team and run their entire athletic department and build a winning team through recruiting of players, top coaches, build your stadiums and keep your President and Alumni Base happy. The game simulates the results of a long term program and your goal is to build your team to a championship level.

So I got creative. I took the stats from last season along with the power ratings and historical data from the SCHSL teams and entered all of the information into the program. I took into account graduations and coaching changes and made adjustments for each. I also programmed home fields, historical performance, upcoming stars and then the wag factor.

What I had then was all the information needed to simulate the 2002 season and have something to follow until August gets here. Over the next few weeks we follow these teams and see how the season plays out in our virtual world.

Unfortunately, I was only able to program the 4A teams. It was just too time consuming to do the other divisions and I did not ready access to the final stats from the lower classifications.  The simulation was run 10 times with amazingly similar results. I then  tweaked the numbers one final time and ran the simulator to give us a fun look at the 2002 season.

Trash Talking in the Virtual World is strongly encouraged.


Week 0 - August 24 Scores

Aiken 34 Laurens 21
Clover 7 Marlboro County 40
Lower Richland 14 Socastee 16

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