SC Pigskin Prep.Com Weekend of Champions Awards

Congratulation to all the winners and runner ups this season. This group of teams are truly outstanding teams.

SC Pigskin Prep.Com Weekend of Champions Awards

Best Fans......
Gotta go with the Bulldogs from Marlboro County. They showed up by 10:00 AM at the fairgrounds for a day of tailgating......sang God Bless America and Who let the Dawgs Out (I hate that Song !!!!!). It was great to meet the group from Bennettsville and see how they Tailgate the Dawg Way.

Best Player.......
There were some great performances during every game but 2 players stood out for their performance. Troy Williamson from Silver Bluff and Kelvin Grant from Camden both played exceptional football and showed why there are so highly regarded. Both players were instrumental in leading their team to the Championship.

Biggest Heart.....
QB Brandon Sims from Spartanburg was continually punished by the Northwestern Defense but he answered the call time after time and led the Vikings to the Big 16 championship.

Leadership Award......
Goes to the  Ryan Causy from Conway who despite losing a heart breaker to Marlboro, Ryan  was there as a leader for the Tigers. In the moments after the loss, he went from teammate to teammate to offer support and words of encouragement. As Marlboro County received the championship trophy, he stood by his coaches and in front of team and clapped as the Bulldogs were recognized. Causy showed what it means to be a leader.

Sportsmanship Award.......
To the entire Conway team for the way they handled themselves and represented their school despite losing a tough game. The Tiger program showed class and poise in a tough situation.

Fan of the Weekend.....
Full Choke typed every play into the computer for the SC Pigskin Prep and Go Upstate.Com. I served as the spotter and Full Choke was the typing madman. We drank 6 gallons of diet coke, ate more chicken than the Colonial, and talked to just about every sportswriter in the state while sitting high atop Williams Brice Stadium.

Raspberry Award .....
to the SCHSL for not making sure that the fairground parking lot was open earlier on Friday. When we arrived at the stadium there were at least 500 cars parked along Assembly St. and George Rogers Blvd. waiting for the gates to open. In some cases, fans had been waiting for almost 8 hours to park and begin their tailgating odyssey.

5 things I never want to see again.....

1. least for a month
2. Players who score a TD and act like they just cured cancer. Act like you have been to the end zone before and what it is like to score a touchdown.
3. Players from the same team getting into a shoving match after a loss.
4. Players refusing to shake hands after a game.
5. NFL was just plain boring on Sunday after all the excitement of Friday and Saturday.

Attendance for the Weekend  (estimated)
1. Marlboro County   12,000
2. Union                    8,500
3. Camden                 8,400
4. Spartanburg           7,000
5. Silver Bluff            5,000
6. Batesburg              5,000
7. Northwestern        4,500
8. Conway                3,000
9. Ninety Six             3,000
10. Timmonsville       2,000

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