SC Pigskin Prep Introduces 10 to watch out

BJ Brown is a RB/LB. He is 5-11, 175lbs.

As a freshman on an 8-4 team, he gained 1432yds and scored 10TDs.

As a sophomore on an 8-4 team, he gained 1191yds and scored 13TDs in 11 games.(1 game injured)

This past season, Indian Land lost their QB in a scrimmage and eventually became one-dimensional. Everybody  knew who was getting the ball. Despite this, BJ gained 1589yds and scored 15TDs in 10 games. He also played LB/DB where he had 54 Tackles, 7TFL, 2 Sacks, 2Blk Kicks, and 1 Int. This past season, the coaching change at Indian Land along with  a few injuries sent the season into a tailspin.

In 3 seasons, BJ has gained 4212yds and 38 TDs .  The 2002 season is shaping up to be the best yet for the Warriors. The off-season thus far has been outstanding. If people haven't heard of BJ before, then wait until after the State Strength Competition.

He is currently squatting 425lbs and benching 315lbs with a 32 inch vertical and a 40 @ 4.58-4.60. The best thing the coaches  say about BJ is that he is the type who is a stronger runner in the 4th quarter than he was in the 1st. He wants the ball in clutch situations.

Off the field, he is beginning to see the type of things that are possible for him and he is maturing. His hard work is paying off as he gets stronger and stronger. His grades are good but he needs to keep the same discipline in the classroom that he has on the field and the weight room. His work this fall on the field and in the classroom will determine his long term college plans.

BJ could play RB at the next level or could move over to the defensive side of the ball to take advantage of his aggressive nature and strength. He would make a great strong safety or even a corner guy on the D1 level.

We at SC Pigskin Prep wish BJ and the Warriors the best in 2002

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