SC Pigskin Prep Introduces 10 to watch out

Everyone around the state is talking about the Stags and their great LB Ryan Brown. The scouts going to Moncks Corner this fall may just come away with a second name on their list.

Meet Jarrod McKelvey.

The Stags are really counting on him for the 2002 season. He's a rising senior checking in at  6' and weighs around 185 lbs. Last season he did a great job as a back up for the Stags. He improved in every game last year and could be a standout this coming season.

He's currently playing on the Stag soccer team. He had never played soccer in his life, but after five games he looks like a veteran player - he's that good an athlete.

Look for Jarrod's name in the rushing leaders this coming season and watch for the Stage to make a strong run to the State Championships.

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