Ever had that wish that August was here already?

I've been there myself. Sitting at the computer wishing there was a poll to ponder, a ranking to dissect. Wishing there was something to argue with my constant sports detractor Chris besides baseball, BASEBALL??? Just not much to argue when your favorite teams lose about 70 times a year. I've found myself driving by the fields; perhaps hoping for a spontaneous game to start. I've been counting days since December. I'm even about to go and search out some Arena league games or NFL Europe just to get my fix.

Yep, it's spring, time for the Spring Fever to grip me. Most would figure the spring fever for a 23 year old guy facing the prospects of graduating college in the coming week would be kind of a self-induced affliction brought upon by the consumption of too much 'medicine' and the uncontrollable trips to somewhere sunny and on the coast. Well, I thought so myself; but I can't get that urge for the falling leaves and the falling temperatures out of my mind.

I'm ready for it all to be over with. I'm ready for the season. I'm ready for the Friday night lights. I'm ready for the off-tackle runs, the bootlegs, the deep fade, the blitz, the cover five's, and the two-point conversion! I'm ready for the funnel cakes, the hot chocolate, the hotdogs and nachos. I'm ready to sit in the bowl at North Augusta, look out over the valley from LL Willis, continue to get used to sitting on the visitors side at Hagood, ride up the paw prints down in Petticoat, and watch people run out of space to sit on the visitors side of The Stomping grounds. I'm ready for it all. How can I enjoy the finer things of summer when that is what lies ahead? I'm sick. I need football and I need it NOW.

I'm beginning to implement my plan of action for 2002. I wonder if they'll drag me away from Spring practice if I show up with a grill and a seat cushion? I'd sure hate to get that awful restraining order. This site helps some, but not enough. The Aiken parks and recreations flag football league isn't even there to help my urges right now. They're in the off-season too. I know, I checked.

Don't get me wrong, I love other sports as well. My fantasy baseball team is already last in it's league (lowest score wins right?) I'll religiously follow the Braves and those guys driving around in circles to try and pass the time. I'll argue with Chris over every subject ranging in sports until our conversation resembles two rabid Chihuahua's fighting over a dropped chalupa. I'll pass the time. I have to. My Physics classes haven't taught me the secret to circumventing those laws of nature yet. So from now until mid-August just consider me a slightly disturbed football junkie looking to pass the time in-between his fixes. Ah, but then come August; just consider me a highly disturbed raving football lunatic riding a five month binge of nachos, hot dogs, and hot chocolate at all my favorite places. Told you I had a fever. Till then just keep tuned. I've got to go now and take my driving tour of the local fields. You never know. A game might break out.


Ralph Morris

South Aiken football

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