What is a Football Coach....

What is a Football Coach.....

1. Selfless attitude
Must understand and accept that it ain't about him or his coaching staff, but about the guys bangin' heads on the field

2. Leadership skills
Like a good battle tested soldier, he must get them to do things they are not aware that they can do. For those of you that played, remember the first two a day workout? You had no idea you could 20 straight 100 yard wind sprints without passing out til you had no choice... or the 4th quarter with time running out and you have one more shot to score to win it.

3. Unbreachable ethics
There are plenty of chances to do the wrong thing in this position. The true test is being able to do the right thing even when it doesn't benifit you or the team. Teaching that it is just as important to hold you head high in defeat as in winning.

4. Knowledge of the game
Many of you likely think that this belongs at the top of the list. I beg to differ. Without #1-#3, #4 doesn't matter. I've seen alot of coaches who put 1-3 at the bottom of the list or take them off all together and very few of them are still coaching today.

5. Vision
You think John McKissick knew he would still be coaching when he first walked onto the field at Summerville over 50 years ago? You bet he did. You think he envisioned a winning program like Summerville has? You bet he did. Those things don't just happen. You want to see a gentleman and a class act, hang around this guy for a day or two.

Many will argue the order I've put these in, but few will argue the necessity for these qualities in any adult that is leading our youth in any sport or activity. Having coached myself at the youth level over the last 25 years, I can tell you first hand how tough the job is. I can only imagine the pressure and politics for a High School Football Coach or AD, but that does not relieve them of the responsibility for teaching our young men that above all else, you have to be able look yourself in the mirror when it is all said and done. Those that have paid the price to teach the lessons and those that have been the benifactor of that teaching will rest easy knowing that you can be proud of who you are and in some small way, maybe not so small, relate that to a guy with a whistle around his neck and a ballcap on that kept telling you "You can do it", until finally you believed him.

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