Byrnes Team shows its stuff in National Event

Group Photo – This group left Byrnes after the Boiling Springs Football game on Friday, November 2nd and drove all night to York, Pa to lift in the Gold Cup Challenge!  After playing in the Region 2 match up, they drove all night to York, competed on Saturday, and then returned back to SC in time for team meetings on Sunday afternoon.

From left to right: 

(1) Dexter Young, Freshman age 15.  Starting defensive end.  Won 94kg Novice Class.  Best School Age Lifter (16 years or younger) at meet.  80kg snatch (176 lbs) 100 kg clean and jerk (220lbs)  Dexter qualified for School Age Nationals in June, 2002 at Shreveport, La.  He also qualified for Junior Olympics, in Knoxville, Tenn.

(2) Matt Garner, Freshman age 15.  Starting middle LB won 85 kg Novice Class.  Second Best School Age Lifter at meet. 60kg snatch (132 lbs) 90kg clean and jerk) 198 lbs and qualified for School Age Nationals and Junior Olympics in Knoxville, Tenn.

(3) Lance Frye, Lance was featured in a prior article, he is a Senior.  He started at nose tackle. Lance Frye is one of the top junior lifters in the country. He will be in Los Angeles, California, March 6-11 for the Junior Nationals.  If he lifts a total of 282.5kgs, in the snatch and clean and jerk, we will make the US World Junior Team (lifters 20 years and younger).  Also at stake is a chance to become an athlete in training (full time) at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has done 120 kg in the snatch and 160kg in the clean and jerk during training sessions. Lance has a bench press of 330 lbs, a squat of 505 lbs, a power clean of 375 lbs and holds the all time school record of 4.34 in the 40 yard dash.  He is a 2 times BIGGER FASTER STRONGER MAGAZINE ALL-AMERICAN and in April should be the first 3 times ALL STATE from Byrnes."  What makes Lance's accomplishments so extraordinaire is his size, he stands 5'6 and weighs 160 lbs.

(4) Drew McClintock, Junior age 17.  Starting Outside LB. Won 77 kg Novice Class. Second Best Junior Lifter – behind Lance Fry, 75kg snatch (165 lbs)  and 95 clean and jerk (209 lbs).  Drew also qualified for the Junior Nationals. salutes these outstanding young men!

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