Ryan Sims Remembers his roots, honors his father

Ex Cavalier great to honor his father in donating to the new Dorman Athletic Facility.

It is with great pride that we tuned into the NFL draft and watched as Ryan was chosen with the Number 7 overall pick and actually saw teams trading around to have the rights to select Sims. Ryan will make a great pro player with his work ethic and strong sense of value. We know he will be making trips to Hawaii soon for the Prow Bowl.

One of the first things that Ryan has done is to remember his school days at Dorman High School. The SHJ reported and I received an invitation to the announcement that Ryan has donated $100,000 to Dorman High School and the school in turn will honor his generosity by naming the brand new baseball facility in honor of Ryan and his family.

Ryan played baseball at Dorman before deciding to dedicate himself to football exclusively. His father played for the Red Sox system in the 70's and has always been a big fan of the Cavalier program. Ryan decided that this was one way he could thank the coaches that helped him develop into the player and man that he is today.

We salute Ryan and as a fellow alumni of Dorman are very grateful of generosity and desire to give back to the school. The donation will help Dorman to continue to provide the very best in faculties and instruction on the playing field and in the classroom.

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