The Weekend Of Champions ---- The Sims Finals

Rebels and Dawgs and Cats and Cavs.....a great weekend of football awaits the finals of the Simulator Season and makes us even more ready for August 30.

The final games of the Sim season produced two great games and bring to an end this little adventure into the football nether world. With the real thing starting on just a few short weeks, I am sure that the games will bring excitement and fun around the Palmetto State.


I hope you enjoyed the season as much as I have. Over the past few weeks we have simulated over 500 games with scores, standings and results. It will be interesting to see how the 2002 season compares to the real thing.



The Big 16 Championship

Dorman vs. Rock Hill


Dorman kick offs and Rock Hill takes it back the distance for a 78 yard TD run, the XP is good and the Cats lead 7-0 with only 14 seconds gone in the quarter.


On the next possession Dorman gets a string of passes and first downs but bogs down at the Rock Hill 31. On a 4th and 8, Dorman QB is sacked and RH takes over.


The teams exchange possession over the next 3 offensive chances and neither is able to do anything with it. With 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Dorman starts a drive down the field and moves into Bearcat territory. A tipped pass occurs and Rock Hill CB intercepts the pass and returns it 61 yards for a TD. After the XP, Rock Hill leads Dorman 14-0 in going into halftime.


The second half starts the same way for Dorman and they are forced to punt. A bad snap forces Dorman to take a safety and Rock Hill leads 16-0.


Dorman and Rock Hill exchange punts with 5:22 to play in the third and Dorman starts at their own 32. The Cavs finally get things going and move down in 8 plays to score on a 15 yard QB scramble. The Cavs elect to go for 2 and convert a pass to make it 16-8 with 1:48 left in the 3rd.


Rock Hill gets the ball back and turns it over at their own 31. Dorman moves inside the 5 on 4 plays and looks to have Uncle Mo back. But on a 4th and goal, the Cats defense stiffening and stops Dorman at the 1 yard line.


The Bearcats then go on offense and move the ball 87 yards on 17 plays but more importantly take 8:50 off the clock to leave only 2:40 to play. On 4th down the Cats attempt the field goal to put them up 19-8 and put the game out of reach but the kick is wide and Dorman is still alive with 2:06 to play.


The Cavs set 5 wide out and start the 2 minute drive. A 3rd down is completed to the 42, another first down put the ball in RH territory and a long gainer puts the ball at the Rock Hill 19. 3 plays later, the Cavs hit pay dirt on a 15 yard pass to cut the lead to 16-14.


The Cavs line up for the 2 point conversion but the Cats defense has carried them all season and comes up big stopping the Dorman QB for a 3 yard loss. Score Rock Hill 16 Dorman 14.


Dorman has one final chance with an onside kick but the Cats recover and run out the clock and win the Big 16 State Championship. Rock Hill 16 Dorman 14





The Class 4A Championship

Marlboro County and Byrnes



The game that should have taken place last season finally takes place in 2002. 2 high powered offenses take the field led by strong QB play and lethal passing attacks.


In the first quarter neither team has an answer for the other and after 4 series on the field both teams have 2 touchdowns and the score is tied at 14-14 only 9 minutes into the game. As the second quarter begins Marlboro scores again and is finally able to stop the Rebels on downs forcing the punt. Marlboro County drives deep into the Rebel end of the field. The Rebel defense holds and the Bulldogs settle for a FG to go up 24-14 at halftime.


In the second half the game continues at a frantic pace with the Rebels thanking the opening kickoff. The rebel's moves down the field with ease and 7 plays later they score on a 12 yard TD pass. With 8:43 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter, it is the Rebels down by 3. Marlboro goes on the offense next and moves the ball quickly down the field. However after passing the 30 yard line on a pass, the WR fumbles and the Rebels take over. The Rebels are unable to move the ball and are forced to punt for the first time in the game as the third quarter ends.


The Bulldogs start from their own 27 as the 4th quarter commences. A huge play for the Rebel defense as the DB intercepts the pass and takes it back inside the Dawg 10. 2 plays later the Rebels take the first lead of the game with a 4 yard TD pass. With 8:19 to play it is the Rebels 28 and The Bulldogs 24.


Like a true champion, the Dogs do not panic and move methodically down the field in the late goings. A 9 play 77 yard drive puts the Bulldogs ahead with just 2:30 to play, Dawgs 31 Rebs 28. The Rebels take the kick off back to the 31 yard line where they will try for a game winning TD or tying FG. The first play from scrimmage is a short pass which is intercepted and taken back for a championship clinching TD by the Marlboro LB. The Dogs are 10 with less than 2 minutes to play and are headed for the repeat.


The Rebels move valiantly in the final minute but the clock runs out on the season with the Rebels 17 yards away. A great game with over 800 yards of offense and only 1 turnover and 1 punt. A true classic.





I hope everyone enjoyed our summer escape form reality with the Sim Season. We will look at doing it next year with all the classes and all the games. I believe that the Sim season gave us a good look at how the season could develop. I thought it was interesting seeing how the schedules both difficult and hard could play into the records before it is all said and done. Also interesting was the points and how the changes in the 4A point system will effect the seeding in November.


Thanks for all your positive comments on the Simulator Season and thank you to Jason Gilmer and the SHJ for profiling the event in the Herald Journal. Now it is on to the real thing.



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