Can You Feel it Coming ????

Our friend from Aiken has it real bad, football fever that is and this week he shares his thoughts as we all count down the seconds to the opening kickoff.

Ahhh, the summer heat! The unending sweat! The falling leaves of Autumn?????? It may seem to be ages away my friends; but the Friday night lights are quickly approaching upon us and none can be happier than yours truely to see the end of this summer and the first cool breezes of a crisp winter wind setting in across the state.

"Where is it?" You may find yourself asking as you lay by the pool and lazily dream of cooler temperatures and the enjoyment that can only come from finding yourself huddled in a freezing rain with thousands of other 'disturbed' individuals, loving every minute of it. The key my friends, is not where you look; but how you look at it......

In enjoying my new pastoral setting out in the woods of Windsor, I decided nothing would suit me better than a nice walk in the sweltering summer heat. After perhaps three minutes and a couple of hundred yards; there was no denying the folly of my idea to "enjoy" the summer heat in this matter. I think I could of just as well of left my being one with nature to watching Crocodile Hunter episodes, and was nearly turning back to the relative safety and comfort of the air conditioned interiors when it happened. I saw the browned leaf.

Now only a madman or a football purist can enjoy my unique brand of logic; so you may have to bear with me. To me, that was my first leaf of Autumn. I'm not concerning myself with it being July, or there being a drought, or myself being a victim of temporary heatstroke. To me, that was the beggining. The buildup is upon us gentlemen! We must grasp the opportunity now and seize upon ourselves that we are the charged lot, the ones that must bring the delirium of football madness upon the state to our brethren!

Before you throw me out for being a nut, let me explain. Every great wave starts with one misguided force. Every fan guided chant starts with one sligthly off-center individual singing to himself. And for me, every fall of football madness begins with one dead leaf on the ground in July. Crazy?


Now it has not only seized upon my thinking but is influencing my entire state of being. Every cookout has become a tailgate! Every drive by the stadium has become a practice run to the late August plan of attack. Every speck, every innuendo, everyTHING has become somehow related and entwined with the upcoming season, the great wave is starting to build.

So that is why I'm calling upon you my brothers and sisters of the pigskin. The wave needs to build. The singing idiot needs accompanyment. My crazy dreams of touchdowns, pom-poms, play action, and delayed blitzing needs vindication and affirmation. Come! Join us in our madness! Can you feel the crisp breze? Can you see the falling leaves? And maybe, just perhaps, if you strain your ears enough; can you hear the cheering throngs, the whistles, the sounds of the barking QB's and the grunting linemen?

There's comfort in madness, my friends. The days are just a football filled blur and the nights are filled with stadium lights and the ever present threat of a Friday night rainstorm. It's time guys. Dave is calling upon us! The madness is calling upon us. Let the buildup begin!

And as I leave you, just answer me this one question. The next time you see that drought striken leaf or feel that storn induced breeze; can you try to close of all thought of rationality for me and think of the coming tide of the sport we love. And then ask yourself this question.

Can you feel it coming?

If your answer is the same as mine; then just close off all hopes of  reason and join me in my madness. I feel it, and it's time you did too........................


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