Byrnes vs Moeller Photo Gallery

The Byrnes Rebels traveled to Ohio and had one of their toughest games in a long time against Moeller High School. Inside a photo gallery from the game in Cincinnati. was on hand for the Ohio vs USA Kirk Herbstreit Challenge in Cincinnati Ohio. The staff of followed the Byrnes Rebels who represented the state of South Carolina. The Rebels escaped with a 21-20 victory despite being outplayed for the majority of the game. Inside have a look at some of the photos of the game.

WR Randall Hawkins would go on to a MVP performance for the Rebels vs Moeller

Willy Korn checks for the playcall from the Byrnes sidelines

The Rebel offense lines up vs Moeller

Bobby Bentley keeps a close eye on the action

Moeller RB John Giuffre breaks free for a long run against the Rebels

Byrnes DB Dennis Rector returns a crucial interception for the Rebels defense in the first half

The Moeller offense lines up against the Rebels

Byrnes WR Antonio Snoddy returns a punt vs Moeller

Stanley Hunter calls the defensive signals out for the Rebels

The Byrnes fans made a strong showing despite the long trip to Cincinnati and were treated with a gutwrenching game culminating in a 21-20 victory for the Rebels

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