One On One With Greenville OL David Smith

Clemson has a stellar recruiting class coming in next season and one of those standouts is Greenville High's OL David Smith. Smith and his Red Raider teammates have gotten off to a great start this year defeating AAAA power Rock Hill and almost beating defending state Big 16 champions Gaffney. sat down with Smith for an exclusive one on one interview.

OL David Smith
Greenville High School (2006 record 3-1)
6'6 280 pounds
Rated 3 stars currently

KF: What did you think of the Clemson-FSU game over the weekend?
DS: I think it was pretty good but I think we could have done a lot better. Overall it was pretty good though considering they got the win at Florida State.

KF: How often do you talk with the coaches and players at Clemson? Do you stay in touch with any other Clemson commits?
DS: At least two or three times a week I'd say. I try to stay in touch as much as possible. Yeah I talk with my fellow offensive linemen coming in a good bit and Willy Korn every now and again too.

KF: Greenville is off to a great start this year...what makes this team special compared to the past few years?
DS: I don't know...I think it's our connection...we've got a stronger bond this year than before I think. We've worked hard together and hopefully it'll bring us a ring at the end of the year.

KF: What was it like playing AAAA powerhouses Gaffney and Rock Hill? Do you think you surprised a lot of people with the team's play/results?
DS: It brought out the best of us. It made us work harder and made us realize what we need to do to get to the end and be victorious.
Yeah but it really doesn't matter to us what others think, as long as we put together what we learn and come out with a win while getting better each time.

KF: What part of your game do you want to work on the most this season?
DS: Right now I want to work on my run blocking.

KF: Are you helping to recruit other players for Clemson?
DS: Ummm right now we're gonna do whatever it takes to get as many recruits as we need. I think we're locked in on OL recruits for now though.

KF: What do you plan on majoring in when you get to Clemson?
DS: I want to study medicine...maybe go into the pharmaceutical field and that type of thing.

KF: What do you do enjoy doing in your spare time?
DS: I play the piano. I play music at my church every Sunday.

KF: In your own words describe your game to us.
DS: Hardworking, doing whatever I have to do get our team the big W.


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