Message Boards

We have had problems with the message boards due to the server transfer and are currently working on it.

On Friday, we switched servers for the message boards from an EZ Board server to one affiliated with the Insiders Network.

What should have been an easy process was botched from the beginning and quickly became a mess. I was first told we would lose the board history and user database and then was told some users that were Global users would be transferred. As late as an hour before the switch, I was given conflicting information and did not what was happening. Communication was very poor.

Last night after coming back from the Dorman scrimmage, I viewed the boards and saw some unsavory messages. However, as a result of another screw up by EZ Boards, I do not currently have admin access to the boards and still do not. It took me until late Saturday to figure a round about way to delete the offending messages.

I apologize to everyone for the message and our inability to deal with them. We are still working with EZ Board and Insiders to clear up this problem and, trust us when I say that I am very upset with the management of EZ BOARD. Hopefully we can clear it by Monday.



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