SC Pigskin Prep Fan Polls

SC Pigskin Prep Announces the Best Top 10 Poll in the State. The most comprehensive and "funnest" survey in South Carolina.

We are pleased to announce a chance for you to have your voice heard in the South Carolina Pigskin Prep Fan Football Poll.

Each week we will open the polls until Monday night and let all of you vote for the Top 10 in each classification. We then tally the votes on Monday night, look out for any hanging chads and then release the poll on Tuesday.

What makes this poll so unique is that it will contain more opinions and input than any other poll in the state. The AP Poll is comprised of only 12 guys who follow just one area of the state and report on that. The Low Country publication still hasn't figured out who is 4A, 3A or Big 16 and thinks it is OK to rank teams once or twice in different classes or even as No 13 and 17 in the same poll.

What we want to do is continue to make this a community of HS football fans and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in the poll and have you voice heard. Our next poll will be August 24 to August 26 with the results released on August 27.

For our preseason poll, I emailed 35 regular visitors and asked them to submit their polls. 32 people responded and the results are very interesting. Many people submitted just the Classes they were familiar with. Others filled out the entire poll for all classes and most importantly everyone had a lot of fun.

I hope everyone has fun with the SCPP polls this season. Everyone is encouraged to participate and have a say in who the No. 1 team in the state is in 2002.

Have fun in 2002 and best of luck to all 191 teams.



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