SC Pigskin Prep Fan Polls

The only thing that is sure: Ninety Six is the big guy and everyone else is battling to knock them off the mountain. Ninety Six is unamious for No. 1 but a slew of cahllengers await if the Wildcats falter.

1. Ninty Six            120   (12 first place votes)
2. Lamar                  86
3. Timmonsville        77
4. Blackville Hilda    57
5. Great Falls           53
6. Lake View           47
7. Ware Shoals        41
8. Hannah-Pamplico 29
9. Buford                 20
10. Baptist Hill         20

Other teams recieving votes in the pre season poll:

Hemingway 15
Blacksburg 15
Lewisville 14
Dixie 14
St Johns 12
East Clarendon 9
Cross 8
Bowman 8
Williston Elko 8
North Central 3


Note: We are in need of more voters for the 1A poll particularly from the lower part of the state. Keep watching South Carolina Pigskin Prep for the latest info on how you can particpate in the SCPP Fan Polls.


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