Keys To The Byrnes-Gaffney Showdown

SCPrepNation's Eric Moody takes a look at what both teams will try to do tonight at the Reservation in Gaffney. Somebody has to lose and we have the outlook for each squad's gameplan.

For Byrnes to win:

#1 Keep it business as usual-The Rebels have already played in multiple big games this year, so the glitz and the glamour of national TV should not have as much of an affect on them as it will the Gaffney Indians.

#2 Take the Gaffney crowd out early-If the Rebels can hit a couple of quick scores, then the Gaffney crowd won't be as much of a factor.

#3 No turnovers-Turnovers will help keep the crowd in the game for Gaffney, and will cause the Rebel offense to be standing on the sidelines.

#4 Let the defense pin their ears back-Look for the "Strike Force" to be as aggressive as they have been all year. If the Rebels gamble and lose, that is ok, because they have an offense than can make up for it.

For Gaffney to win:

#1 Pound the football-Gaffney must be able to run the football in order to win the game, because they will not be able to match Byrnes score for score.

#2 See #1 again-Gaffney has to control the clock, and shorten this game, and keep Byrnes' offense standing on the sidelines. The best way for them to do that is to run the ball with success.

#3 The Gaffney defense must get pressure to Korn-The Indians must generate a sustained pass rush against Korn, otherwise, he will just sit back and pick zone coverage apart.

#4 Keep the crowd in the game-A score, a turnover, a big play, Gaffney must keep the crowd in the game, and make them the 12th man. Because if the Indians can keep the crowd loud, and cause problems when the Rebels try to audible, then they will have a chance.

Moody's prediction:
Byrnes 45
Gaffney 14

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