Intro: S/WR Marques Williams A Big Talent!

This past Saturday we ventured out to catch some of the games that were postponed on Friday due to rain and we found ourselves a strong D1 player at Carolina High School in S/WR Marques Williams. Some players "fly under the radar" but thank goodness we made the trek to Carolina High School because D1 schools will have to take a strong serious look at this standout.

Every now and again you head out to a ballgame to watch a specific player and discover another one with tremendous talent that few others have managed to recognize. That indeed was the case Saturday as we visited Carolina High School to see Shrine Bowl WR Markish Jones of Broome High.

Don't get us wrong Markish Jones was well worth the price of admission but we came away just as dazzled by a Carolina Trojan. The Trojan we're talking about is senior safety/wide receiver Marques Williams. At 6'3 200 pounds it's hard not to notice the class of 2007 talent. Jones is one of the state's very best athletes and from the get go Broome's coaching staff matched him up early with Carolina's Williams. The battle that ensued was one of the best we've seen in recent memory.

Here you have Jones who's already committed to Clemson and a state champion teaming with last year standouts D.J. Moore and Teriall Brannon who are now playing for Vanderbilt. As Jones made some amazing plays fans in attendance were equally amazed by the ability of #32 for the Trojans. Time and time again the two met up on the field defending one another and trying to elude the other. Williams sat down with and talked to us about the game versus Broome and where his recruitment stands currently.

"Right now I'm not hearing from any D1 schools for football," Marques told us. With the performance on Saturday and a strong senior season highlight tape that should change real quickly. "I'd like to hear from any D1 schools in the south or southeast region though."

Asked to talk about playing against a player of Markish Jones caliber Williams responded, "To tell you the truth you hear a lot about him with him going to Clemson and I was kinda surprised when they matched him up with me so much. He's strong and he tried to push and jam me at the line a lot at first. I decided to go right at him though." The results were a 63 yard TD catch early in the game followed by a spectacular 20 yard TD catch in which Marques outleaped the Broome superstar and tipped the ball to himself and went in for the score. Those two touchdowns with at least a dozen tackles on the day from his safety position impressed not only the home crowd but many of the visiting Centurion fans as well.

Football isn't the only area where Marques excels as he's a force on the basketball court as well. "Last year I averaged about 14 points and 9 rebounds per game. I'm hearing from South Carolina State and Furman for basketball." The senior's talents don't stop there either as he is a top notch student as well. "My GPA is 3.4 and I've scored a 1470 on the SAT's."

With the overall athleticism and raw talent that he posesses on the playing field to go along with the book smarts D1 colleges will soon be visiting Carolina High School to check in with budding star on the gridiron and will continue to give you the latest details regarding his recruitment.

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