Marques Williams Premium Photo Gallery

An extensive photo gallery of budding superstar S/WR Marques Williams of Carolina High School in action versus Broome High School. Williams could prove to be one of the best "under the radar" players out of South Carolina in quite some time.'s exclusive photo gallery of Carolina High School standout S/WR Marques Williams. Williams should start to receive heavy interest from D1 schools considering his abilities not only on the football field but for his academic prowess in the classroom as well.

Williams checks in with the official as he gets set for the next offensive play at WR

Marques sets himself as he prepares to battle Broome star and Clemson commit WR/DB Markish Jones

Williams takes off down the field as Markish Jones falls back into coverage

The two stud WR's race down field trying to track the ball headed in their direction down the field

Williams shows great body control and gets great position against Jones to make the catch for a huge Carolina gain

Here Williams (far left) comes all the way across the field of play to try and track down the Broome RB

Williams uses his 4.5 speed to continue to make up ground on the Broome RB

With arms outreached Williams prepares to finish the play with a TD saving tackle after racing across the field of play

Once again coming up to provide run support Williams closes in on another Broome RB to try and prevent a TD score

Williams manages to get just enough of the Broome RB to bring him down

Williams looks in at the QB as he prepares to battle Jones once again in what would be his signature play of the game

Broome's Markish Jones has the inside position against Williams as they track the ball in the air to try and time their leaps appropriately

Marques Williams outleaps Jones and tips the ball while the Broome star tries to make the defensive play on the ball as the sideline official watches

Williams completes the play after tipping the ball to himself and heads into the endzone for six points

Williams heads to paydirt as Markish Jones can only look on after almost coming up with a great defensive play

Marques hits the endzone as other Broome defenders closed late on the play

Williams looks for his teammates to congratulate them for helping to make it a successful play resulting in a TD right before the half

Williams catches a short breather on the sidelines for the Trojans as he was in making plays most of the afternoon

At halftime Williams enjoys Senior Day with his family

Marques flashes a smile for the camera during halftime

Marques Williams will be a player to be reckoned with on the collegiate level

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