Stanley Hunter: Up Close & Personal

The South Carolina defense has put on a show thus far in practice and Byrnes LB Stanley Hunter has made plays every time you turn around. The Clemson commit spoke to after practice and inside you'll learn more about Hunter, his plans for this week, what Byrnes football means to him, and who he's recruiting to come to Clemson with him.

One on One
With Stanley Hunter

KF: What was the deal with the MRI you had taken on Monday?

SH: Everything came out clear. They were being very precautious with the injury I had about couple months ago. I really shouldn't have told them or anything but they wanted to be cautious. I didn't mind it though but they are taking care of me. I'm lucky not to have anything wrong, I feel great though. I passed two physicals and I was glad to get back out here and have fun with my teammates. I didn't miss too many things.

KF: How was it being back the first day?

SH: It was fun man. Just trying to get down the plays. Getting the hang of things and getting used to playing with other guys besides my teammates at Byrnes. It's a matter of getting after it and getting to the ball really.

KF: What's it like playing with some of these other guys that you'll be going to Clemson with?

SH: Oh man it's fun it's amazing just to get to know them better outside of just football. Just knowing about their life and what they've been through and all that kind of stuff. Getting to know them not only as teammates but friends. It's a great experience and I can't wait to get to Clemson but for now I'm relishing the Shrine Bowl week.

KF: We know Willy's a good recruiter, are you recruiting any guys for Clemson while you're here?

SH: We're trying to get a couple of guys from North Carolina. Most of the guys from South Carolina are committed so you can't really change their minds. I'm trying to change Brian's mind (Brian Maddox), and Gary's mind (Gary Gray), and get Mark Barnes to come on over to Clemson. Whatever they choose to do though I hope they succeed with their decision. You know klt them know that Clemson would be their best decision (laughs aloud). If they choose something just congratulate them on that and get ready to play with those guys on Saturdays.

KF: Talk a little bit about your career at Byrnes with all the state championships and your memories.

SH: It was a great experience and I learned a lot of things outside of football. Things like how to be a great father one day, how to be a great husband, and most of all to be a great person because down there at Byrnes it's way more than football there. It's a big family atmosphere, I learned a lot there about football too of course because I didn't play football until my 9th grade year. I'm going to miss it a whole lot, I can't wait to go back next year and watch those young guys. To see some of my family members back there and watch them play. It's gonna feel kinda funny buying tickets at the game cause I'll be thinking I'm alumni so it's gonna be fun going back next year and relishing the moment of watching my blood my kin play.

KF: Talk about this week, what are you trying to accomplish out here?

SH: I'm just trying to have fun. I already have my commit down pat and all that kind of stuff. I'm just sharing my fun with the other guys who haven't committed yet or who are looking to get offers. I'm just having fun and trying to get to the ball. It's been great to spend time with those kids because that's who it's all for.

Future Clemson Tiger LB Stanley Hunter

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