Byrnes Stays In House: Chris Miller Gets Job

The departure of Bobby Bentley scared many in the Duncan, Lyman, & Wellford communities but the new hire, Chris Miller, brings a sigh of relief to many Byrnes supporters. Miller takes over for what many feel is one of the toughest vacancies to fill in a long long time.

According to a release by Spartanburg School District Number Five the next head coach for the James F. Byrnes High School will be Chris Miller. Miller has served as defensive coordinator under outgoing Bobby Bentley for seven seasons.

Miller has previous head coaching experience as he lead the Broome Centurions for six seasons. A talented coach who's name came up often for other head coaching positions around the state during his tenure as defensive coordinator Miller will have the daunting task of taking over one of the state's elite programs. The transition should be somewhat easy with Miller being a favorite of the community and players.

The question many have had since Bentley's announced departure was whether or not there would be a drastic change in the way the Rebels operate. With his knowledge of the Byrnes system and program the early indications are that things will stay the same except for the man at the helm. A recipe for success has been implanted at Byrnes and Miller's tenacity as a motivator and coach will serve them well it would appear. will have more on Chris Miller and his Byrnes Rebels as they continue to prepare for another season of successful football.

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