A Look on the Inside of a Big 16 Football Program

SCPP is pleased to announce our latest feature. Throughout the 2002 season, Dorman LB and defensive cpatain Lee McKenzie will write a weekly column for SCPP. Lee will take a look at the life of a SC High School Football Student Athlete. We are grateful that Lee would take time from his weekly schedule to give us a behind the scenes look at the program. We wish Lee and all the athletes around the state, the best of luck in 2002.

        It's finally football time.  After all of the spring training, weight lifting this summer, and two-a-day practices, game week is here.  I am very excited about playing Lexington at Wildcat Hollow this Friday night.  Hopefully, this will be the first step in reaching our goal of getting back to and winning the state championship.


        The team has been practicing very hard this week and I think everyone is focused and ready to play.  It will be nice to get on the field in front of the fans in a game that counts.  The Jamborees were fun but this is when it really matters.  I think you will see a much hungrier Dorman team than you have seen in the Jamborees. The coaches have pushed us hard in the Jamborees and now we will have the chance to play a game that will count.


         The team is looking forward to our Breakfast of Champions Friday morning.  It's held at the Conn's house every Friday morning.  Mr. Conn is a big supporter of Dorman athletics and a good friend to our team. He played in the 1978 Super Bowl with the Pittsburg Steelers and wears a giant Super Bowl Ring from the game. After the Breakfast, all the guys sit around, eat some more, and cut up a little. Seth then leads us in prayer before we leave for school. It' a good way to start game day and helps to remind us of what is important.


         It seems like there is a little more excitement this year probably because of the high expectations and the new facilities at Dorman High School.  We can't wait until the home opener against Mauldin but we must first take care of business at Lexington.  I hope next week I can talk a little about our victory against Lexington among other things.




Editors Note: Lee McKenzie is a starting linebacker on the 2002 Dorman Cavalier team and a captain on the defense. Lee has graciously offered to share of his thoughts and a little of the behind the scenes action of the 2002 season. Each week during the season he will bring to us his experiences as the Cavs reach for a 2nd title in 3 years


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