QB Reid McCollum Keeping Options Open

Summerville has always been one of the most storied football programs in the Southeast region. With a number of talented prospects on their roster they are a favorite to challenge for a state championship next season. SCPrepNation.com caught up with their talented signal caller QB Reid McCollum for an update.

When you suit it up for the Summerville Green Wave there's plenty of responsibility laid upon your shoulders. Being one of South Carolina's top football programs for decades makes for high expectations each season. QB Reid McCollum stands under center for the Green Wave and the talented youngster will soon start to see his recruitment take off.

SCPrepNation.com caught up with McCollum to see just how things were going as of late. At 6'4 205 pounds McCollum has great size already and has the tools necessary to become one of the top prospects in the 2008 class. Although football season is over currently that doesn't stop McCollum from working to hone his craft during the offseason. "Well I have a quarterback coach that I go see, he helps me out a lot. I'm also trying to get to as many camps as I can this summer. I think we're in a few passing leagues this summer too. Aside from all that I try to throw a lot every day."

When asked about the status of recruitment McCollum responded, "I'm keeping my options open, I'm interested in anyone who's interested in me at this point." There are some schools who've been recruiting him harder than all of the rest as of late though. "I'd say South Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Georgia Tech are recruiting me the hardest right now."

To try and get a better grasp on some of those programs the 2008 prospect has already made a number of trips to see some prospective college campuses but plans on making it to few junior days as well. "Yeah I've gone up on my own a couple of times. I've been to NC State to watch a basketball game there and to Duke too. I looked around and got a feel for the campuses. I haven't been up to South Carolina yet but I'd like to that soon. I plan on making a number of visits during junior days at some schools."

Playing for perennial powerhouse Summerville High is a tough task for a teenager. Being the quarterback though there's probably even more pressure. We asked McCollum what his thoughts were playing for a legendary program. "It's a great tradition here at Summerville. You know going into the season that everyone expects you to win. We go in expecting to win each season for so long that it's just a must to go out and win. The community is so behind us here so it's just a great thing."

Recently the Green Wave became the second South Carolina team to sign a deal to play on national television on ESPN. McCollum says that it's been a big boost to the already excited Summerville fan base. "Oh yeah it's really big. We're just really trying to get ready to play our very best when we get the chance. It's going to be good exposure for our program and hopefully it can help some players including myself to try and get some additional looks from colleges."

"I'm ready for the game. I want to watch some film and keep throwing. I think that game could really help us get off to a great start next season."

Reid at 6'4 205 has the size already that college coaches covet but there's more to his game that makes him such an asset on the field. "I think my pocket presence has gotten better. I can see when the pocket is collapsing and know how much time I have. The other parts of my game that I feel are strengths are my accuracy and arm strength. Another thing that a lot of people don't realize or get to see often is that I'm not necessarily fast but quick enough to get out of the pocket when I need to. I've run a 4.67 in the forty."

Don't expect any rush on McCollum's part when it comes to making a decision. He plans on letting his recruitment play itself out so that he can see what exactly his options are. "Hopefully I can have a good season so that people will want to offer me and we'll see what happens from there."

The Summerville quarterback makes no bones about what player he really tries to emulate on the field. "Peyton Manning is the player I look up to the most. He's just so accurate and smart on the football field. He's a perfect QB as to how he handles himself on the field. It's amazing he seems to know what's going to happen on the field before it actually does and responds accordingly."

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Check out video footage of Reid McCollum in action below:

SCPrepNation.com will have more on the recruitment of Reid McCollum as he and his Summerville teammates make preparations to try and obtain another state championship for coach John McKissick's team. Stay tuned.

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