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An interview with one of SC's top ballers in the class of 2009, Southside High School's Robbie Dreher. Dreher plays on a team loaded with talent and others will be highlighted soon but the young sophomore has the potential to be one of the state's top players as a senior. Come inside for the scoop on this promising young student athlete. sat down with Southside High School shooting guard Robbie Dreher recently to see just where his recruitment stands and his thoughts on the young Tigers' current run deep into the AA state playoffs. Dreher is only a sophomore but his game is anything but that as he's one of the team leaders for coach Louie Golden's Tigers.

We forecast Dreher to be one of the top players in the Palmetto State in the class of 2009 and it wouldn't surprise us if he, Pinewood Prep's Milton Jennings, and Easley High's Tahj Tate rise to the very top of that list quickly.

Dreher and his Southside teammates have had an unbelievable season thus far but the ride is just starting to get fun as they will play for the AA Upper State championship on Saturday against Newberry High School. With their record at 26-1 on the year they've enjoyed their success but if you ask the young sophomore they have unfinished business that they'd like to take care ultimately resulting in hoisting a AA state championship in Columbia next week.

"You know to start off the season everyone knew that we're a really young team. (Team consists mostly of sophomores and 2 or 3 juniors and seniors) I knew we had it in us but I really didn't know it'd be like this. I thought we'd have it all together by our junior year but now it's coming so fast that we have to continue to work and react to what's next."

The talented Dreher says that currently he's not aware of any schools who've began to show interest in him yet. "Coach Golden doesn't really tell us what schools are looking at us (underclassmen)." That all should change very quickly as Dreher emerges as one of the top players in the state along with the rest of his teammates.

"I got a couple of schools that I would really like to hear from though. Clemson, South Carolina, and Winthrop are the schools nearby that I'm interested in hearing from right now." Should Dreher continue to improve and help Southside accomplish their goal of a state championship we expect him to be hearing from not only local schools but schools from across the nation.

When asked to break down what makes him such a tough player to guard Dreher responded, "Honestly I just try to outsmart my opponents. I look for habits or tendencies and react accordingly." Dreher is getting a lot of that knowledge from legendary South Carolina high school coach and current Southside head coach Louie Golden. Dreher talked about what it's like to play for the well-respected Golden. "It's an honor really man. He's really hard on me but I have to fit into his program and do what he wants us to do. He does it because he wants us to succeed. It's a lot of fun too though."

The Tigers are two games away from playing in the AA state championship but with the majority of the nucleus being sophomores you can't help but wonder just how good Southside can be over the next few years. Dreher had this to say, "Honestly we're gonna have to fill Justin's (All-state selection Justin Edwards) shoes because he means so much to this team. Honestly we have to continue to get better as a team. We're going to try and win as a team while we're all here though."

When informed that he stands near the top of the list for's class of 2009 basketball players Dreher shrugged it off and responded, "Honestly I try not to let that stuff get to me. I'll let you guys handle all that. I try to humble myself and just play basketball. I just have to continue to keep working to improve."

Dreher's answer is one college coaches are definitely interested in hearing but he also told us an area that he'd really like to improve on dramatically. "I want to work hard on my midrange jump shot. Being able to pull up and hit those consistently would be one area I need to work on."

Having all-state selection Justin Edwards on the team provides the leadership for the young Tigers but Dreher says it's the senior standout who gives him the most fits on the court as well. "It's tough in practice trying to guard him because he's such a good shooter from all over. Outside of Justin I'd say Timothy Downs ("Trap") at Prince Avenue Prep is somebody who's really hard to guard. It's because he's so quick, I play pickup ball with him all the time." will continue to follow the progress of Robbie Dreher and the rest of his talented Southside High School teammates as they journey into battle versus Newberry High School for the Upper State championship at the Bi-Lo Center on Saturday at 3:30 pm.

Up Close & Personal With...Robbie Dreher
Favorite Players: Kevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony
Dream School: North Carolina
Robbie recently sat down with former Southside star Shammond Williams who also starred collegiately at North Carolina and currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers to talk about the recent success of the current group of Tigers versus Williams' teams who were dominant as well over a decade ago.

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