A Look on the Inside of the Dorman Cavaliers

Week 2 of the season finds Lee concentrating on school, football and even the young ladies at Dorman High School.

After coming off a hard fought victory at Lexington, we now get to come home to our new stadium to play Mauldin. I think last week showed Dorman also has some of the best offensive backs in the state, but our defense needs to improve over last week's performance.

After viewing the films this week, it is apparent we will face a tougher Mauldin team than we have faced in the past. Their offensive and defensive lines have good size and come off the ball well. Mauldin also has two good backs so the road does not get any easier this week.

We have worked more on the fundamentals and basics this week than we have in the last few. The defense went through tackling drills and practiced getting off blocks. A few adjustments were made and in my opinion will help us improve over last week's defensive performance.

As for the classroom, we are now settled in and getting plenty of homework. Tests have begun and more time is necessary to study after practice. Most of the time, it's not so hard to balance football and school.  However, there are those days when I am wiped out after practice and dinner, and don't feel like studying. I do understand that studying is important so I can keep up my grades. There is not much time for girls though; but somehow I manage.

A pep rally is planned for Friday and I hope the fans are as excited as the players, coaches, and students about the home opener. Maybe the game will not be as close as last week. I am sure it was quite tense for the fans and too close for comfort. See ya next week to discuss the Greenwood game.




Editors Note: Lee McKenzie is a starting linebacker on the 2002 Dorman Cavalier team and a captain on the defense. Lee has graciously offered to share of his thoughts and a little of the behind the scenes action of the 2002 season. Each week during the season he will bring to us his experiences as the Cavs reach for a 2nd title in 3 years



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