Knights quarterback controversy? I don't think so.

Stratford Coach Ray Stackley is in a position that most coaches dread. Why is he so optimistic?


Stratford Coach Ray Stackley is in a position that most coaches dread. Why is he so optimistic? He has two young guns that are sharing the QB's the  limelight and he doesn't need to decide who the top one will be.


When spring practice rolled around this year it was assumed the Matt Vaughn would be the next in line for the starting quarterback at Stratford. Much to everyone but Ray Stackley's surprise there was another young man who had led the JV the previous year that would have something to say about that. Someone else had  emerged as the challenger to the heir apparent during the initial fall practice sessions at the Castle.

In a post season conversation I had with Ray Stackley back in June, I had mentioned to him that this would be a change in offensive strategy for the Knights this year with a pure drop back passer at the helm with Matt Vaughn when he quickly corrected me and said that that was not a done deal. That was when I was introduced to the name Devon Green.

Devon, he said, was a very gifted young man who had a great arm and could run like any running back he had had at Stratford in recent years.


The first two games for the Knights have shown exactly what he was talking about. Vaughn and Green have been used in perfect harmony in the Knights first two games and shown that the two quarterback strategy will only be a blessing.  Vaughn has shown his amazing arm strength and Green has pulled off some amazing runs. Vaughn has started once, Green once. They have been used effectively in the required situations with Vaughn in during drives that needed a passing attack and Green in when the dual threat was needed.


Bottom line for opponents is that there is no QB controversy at Stratford. Vaughn and Green are being utilized perfectly in game situations. This only means that opposing teams have two offenses to prepare for instead of one. What better strategy could you use against the next weeks opponent?  


Colleton County comes to town this week. Are they prepared for the dual threat? We shall see come Friday night.


See ya at the Castle.

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