Celtics Ready Themselves For Kingwood Classic

With their biggest tournament to date up next the Carolina Celtics held a strong practice on Wednesday. SCPrepNation.com was there and has all the scoop for you including preliminary evaluations for four of the Celtics.

SCPrepNation.com was in the house to catch the Carolina Celtics 16U AAU team as they practiced one last time before their long journey to Houston, Texas this Friday to compete in the Kingwood Classic. The Celtics who are lead by head coach Jonathan Campbell have been on a tear as of late winning all three tournaments they've entered. Their most recent victory came at the Charlie Weber Easter Hoopfest in Washington DC.

Campbell and his assistants put the Celtics through various drills and situations during the nearly 2 hour practice. We sat courtside watching the Celtics during that time and took some notes and a number of photos. Understand that during practice scenarios we do some scouting but it's hard to analyze new players until they're going full speed against competition. Here are some of our early notes.

Celtics Practice Notes & Evaluations

Devin Booker
-Clemson commit Devin Booker is probably ahead of his brother Trevor at this age
-Leaping ability is phenomenal
-Has the frame to add more weight and keep his explosiveness
-When he adds more post moves he could make a big move in the national rankings by the time he's a senior

Jordan Harmon
-Easily one of the top class of 2010 prospects in SC currently and possibly the early #1
-Very athletic but considering his age he potentially could be an elite prospect once he settles into his size comfortably
-Depends on how much more he grows/what position he ultimately ends up at.
-Upside is off the charts depending upon work ethic and growth
-Jump shot is a little slow to go up but once again time is on his side to correct/tweak it, strange mechanics but shot it well from 15 feet and in

Robbie Dreher
-Shooting ability is top notch
-Never panics and let's the game come to him which makes him such a smooth player which is not normal for a player so young
-Skill set and potential for growth will make him a frontrunner for the #1 SC player in 2009 along with Booker and Milton Jennings
-Received an offer from Charleston Southern
-Continued work on ballhandling and playmaking could draw more college offers as a combo guard but his strength is clearly shooting/scoring at this point

Quinton Thomas
-Plays PG on his high school team but SF with the Celtics
-Slick ballhandler and at 6'5 has tremendous size for a PG which is a combination that many college coaches salivate over
-Will need to work on his perimeter shot to acquire D1 looks
-Could stand to be more aggressive going to the bucket until his perimeter shot develops more consistency
-Solid potential

Harmon, Dreher, Booker, & Joe McNeely look on

That's our preliminary look at four of the Carolina Celtics after seeing them during the season and at practice on Wednesday. We're familiar with all of the four players mentioned above except for Jordan Harmon but with what we saw at practice he's got a chance at being one of the state's best.

We'll track the Celtics progress at the Kingwood Classic in Houston this weekend. We'll also return to watch the Celtics and evaluate more of their players so stay tuned to SCPrepNation.com.

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