Something to Chew on this Friday Night

A former high school coach speaks on the subject of coaching and what they do for our young people.

Many of us have beat up on a coach. I have been without mercy in the past.....and I will surface again with a passion if I have good reason to believe a coach is "out of line" with regard to the leading of young men. It will not be about wins or losses....that is a non issue with me. I would take a coach that holds character dear, that is committed, and leads by example over a sleaze that manages to win year in and year out....actually, I have never really known the later.....just making a point. Certainly everyone wants to is a celebration of emotion that rewards the faithful....but to the critics and skepics who only support the home team when they are on a championship run....go crawl back into your don't deserve to be part of a celebration with the faithful. What I love about Gaffney.....the fans are there, week-end and week-out, at home and on the road, through thick and through thin, but remember to be a fan - in victory and in loss - and do this for the kids and coaches who are going to march forward.....your wins will come and in abundance - it's in your Indian blood.

Clemson named their football stadium after the legendary Frank Howard.....Howard Memorial Stadium......not because of his wins....he actually had more 3 and 8 and 4 and 7 seasons than any coach ever at Clemson, and no coach has had the honors he has had with the "Howard" record......but Frank was an ICON of decency....someone, you would have liked your kids to have played for.

This I have mentioned a few times before.....but towns across this country seem to all have statues in the center of their cities for all to see, they are built to remember men and women for their bravery in action, for fallen heroes, for artists, and political leaders, but never never ever, will you see a statue erected to a critic, skeptic, or complainer.

I believe the maturity of fans is measured by how they respond to the ups and downs of the programs they support or fail to support. How can you like someone more or less just because of whether they win or not. It is said that the "Christian army is the only army that shoots it's wounded" fans pull the trigger all to often too!

How many of us, have 6,000 plus critics evaluating us at our work one day a week, most of which don't know anymore about football than I do. With professional writers, printing our shortcomings and our strong suits in the local paper....and the only time...the only time you are liked - sort of superficial woudn't you say - is when you are winning.

I salute every football coach in SC. I happen to believe that across the board, our schools are blessed with the best coaches and least as good as any state in the country. So Coaches, this is for you! Thanks for making my Friday nights something I soooo look forward too....regardless of the outcome.

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