A Look on the Inside of a Big 16 Program

A big thanks to Lee McKenzie, Dorman Linebacker, for taking time from his busy schedule to keep us up to date on the happenings of the Cavaliers program. Watch here each week during the 2002 season for the latest installment from Lee McKenzie.

Week three and we are still undefeated and ranked number one in the state.  Although we really have not shown how we are capable of playing, I am not going to complain about victories, even if they are not pretty.  Last week was once again closer than we would like but we just need to keep improving.


Greenwood will come to town this week with something to prove and would like nothing better than to knock us off.  Especially being ranked number one, we will be targeted each week and must make sure we come to play.


I thought the defense played better last week and picked up the offense a little after they carried us against Lexington.  We are still giving up the big play occasionally and need to keep the long yardage plays to a minimum.  If we do not give up the big play, I don't think many teams can sustain long drives against us consistently.     


School will not go away just because it is football season and the combination can make for long days.  It seems I am up late every night studying or doing homework. Sometimes this can wear on you physically.  I had to get up extra early for some tutoring in Marine Biology this morning but it is worth it. 


This is also the time of year where you have to play with some minor injuries.  We have been really pretty lucky not to have any major injuries but a few players are a little banged up.   We are keeping our trainers busy with treatments, etc but I think we have the best staff in the state and they always get us ready for Friday night.


Playing in the new stadium was a great deal of fun last week and we are home again this week.  We expect another big crowd but they need to be a little rowdier than last week.  It seemed everyone was just laid back and soaking it in.  The traveling crowd to Lexington was very loud and I hope a big home crowd can make some noise this week and cheer us to another victory.  I hope to come back next week 3-0 and still number one.       

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