South Carolina Helmet Project

South Carolina Helmet Project taking shape.......Needs help from our great fans. Please visit the project at

A few weeks ago we had the good fortune to meet up with Kurtis Kennedy. Kurtis had the idea of creating a helmet page that would display all the football helmets for each school in South Carolina.


We helped him out with a free web site, some information that we had collected and some logos from SC Pigskin Prep and he went to work on building a great site. Many of you have helped and Kurtis had a great site in development.


Now he needs your help in finishing the task. He is looking for the helmet design for many of the schools including many of the 2A and 1A schools. Please take a look at his site and if you can assist him then drop him a picture or information on the schools that he is currently building.


We salute Kurtis for working on this project for us and for his great work on the site.


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