Andre Ellington Talks About His Commitment

Andre Ellington put an end to his recruitment Saturday afternoon by verbally committing to the Clemson Tigers. Ellington becomes the eighth commitment for the Tiger's 2008 recruiting class.'s Low-Country Editor, Shedrick Moorer sat down with Ellington for an in-depth interview on his commitment. Come inside for all the details.

Andre Ellington is arguably the top running back in the Palmetto State for the class of 2008 gave his commitment to the Clemson Tigers. caught up with the newest Tiger to talk about his commitment and future.

Q&A With Andre Ellington

SM: Tell me a little bit about your trip to Clemson this past weekend?

AE: Oh Man, it was a great trip! We got to see the campus, and meet some of the coaches up there. My mom really liked it; she feels that it's a good fit for me.

SM: When did you inform the coaching staff about your decision?

AE: On the way home from Clemson I called Coach Blackwell and told him that I was ready to make my commitment.

SM: What important factor(s) about Clemson influenced your decision?

AE: They have strong academics. On the field, the offense is pretty much the same offense that my team runs in high school. It wouldn't take as much time for me to really learn it since I'm pretty familiar with it already.

SM: In the beginning, you weren't really looking to make a decision so soon, what changed your mind?

AE: I made it early because basically Clemson was looking for two running backs, and I wanted to get my spot before someone else did.

SM: How does it feel to have your decision behind you?

AE: It feels good… Now I can concentrate on this season.

SM: How many schools did you have to choose from?

AE: I had five schools to choose from. They were Maryland, Kentucky, South Carolina, Clemson, and Penn State.

SM: How does your family feel about you committing to the Tigers and playing in-state?

AE: My mom felt pretty good about my decision. I'm not too far from home. My family will be able to come out and watch me play.

SM: Clemson has such a rich tradition in football. You have Death Valley which holds 80,000 plus, running down the hill, rubbing Howard's Rock, Tiger Rag, etc; what do you look forward to the most on game day?

AE: Running down hill (laughing). Watching them on TV, it seems like it's a big thing. I'm really looking forward to it.

SM: What do you have to offer the Tigers?

AE: I have a lot of strong athletic abilities, and I have good speed. I can also catch the ball coming out the backfield, and at wide out.

SM: There's been talk about you graduating in early, and enrolling at Clemson as early as January 2008. When are you looking to report to Clemson?

AE: I'm not real sure right now… it'll probably be August of next year whenever I report.

The newest Clemson Tiger, RB Andre Ellington, sporting his new colors.

Andre Ellington making his commitment known.

Berkeley RB Andre Ellington

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