A Look on the Inside - Week 4

Editor's Note : Last week we received a few calls on Lee's column and are proud that he is being recoginzed on the field and for his work here on SCPP. I think it shows a great deal of character for him to take time from his schedule to do a weekly write up for us. I know I look forward to reading it and I am sure everyone else does also. Thanks to Lee and his family for making this possible. Dave

        Finally, a game that did not come down to the last few minutes before it was decided. Actually, we did not even play the last couple of minutes against Greenwood due to the lightning.  The storm did hold off long enough for us to move to 3-0, however, and it was a good win for us.  The defense and offense actually played pretty well on the same night for a change.

       Kendrick Lynch had what is becoming his normal night with close to 300 yards of total offense.  He is a great equalizer as he is capable of breaking every play for a touchdown.  Also, I felt our defensive line played the best they have all year. It looks like it is becoming more difficult for teams to run up the middle on us.

        This week we go on the road to Westside.  Playing the last two weeks in front of the home crowd was nice but now we must go to a more hostile environment.  Films show Westside has two big running backs so we will have to wrap up and tackle well this week.  They seem to favor the run more than the pass so the defensive line and linebackers must come ready to play Friday night.

       Practice is a little more pleasant now that the cool weather is here.  We came out of the Greenwood game pretty healthy with only a few minor injuries.  Hopefully we can stay injury free for the rest of the year and keep improving weekly. I am still not sure quite how good we are but the rest of the season will soon tell.  It is nice to be ranked at the top for now and we want to stay there all year.  The final ranking of the year is the one that really counts but the current ranking is nice.

     Maybe this Friday will be rain free and we can improve to 4-0.  We hope to have a lot of traveling Dorman fans this week cheering us on.  I still think the crowd we had at Lexington was the loudest yet.  Maybe the fans can leave the umbrellas in the car. 

     See ya next week.




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