Marlboro County and Northwestern Playoff Situation

Exclusive Report from SC Pigskin Prep concerning the SCHSL ruling today.

This evening I was on the phone with quite a few people and of course the conversation revolved around the SCHSL ruling today.


According to my sources and confirmed by others, Northwestern and Marlboro County HAVE NOT been ruled out of the 2002 playoffs. Repeat, the Bulldogs and Trojans still have the opportunity to play in the 2002 playoffs THIS SEASON.


The ruling from the SCSHL places both teams on probation. Obviously the SCHSL and 4A committee will be watching both teams closely and their behavior will dictate their post season hopes. If in the opinion of the SCHSL and the 4A committee, the two teams have demonstrated a level of sportsmanship and performance that is worthy, then the probation would not include exclusion from the playoffs.


Each week the athletic directors and coach as well as the referees from the teams games will make a report to the SCHSL on that night's games. (every referee for each game files a report to the SCHSL) If the SCHSL notices an improvement based on the reports then the two schools can be reinstated for the playoffs without an appeal and could play in the post season action.


This information was independently verified this evening from multiple sources in a position to know and fully understand the SCHSL ruling

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