Wren's German Import: PG Sebastian Koch

Wren's boys basketball program will get a huge boost next season in 2009 prospect PG Sebastian Koch. Koch is moving to Piedmont, SC from Germany and comes in as one of the elite prospects in Europe. How good is Koch? He has already played in the German Jordan Classic as the youngest player ever selected. Come inside with SCPrepNation.com to learn more about Wren's newest player.

We watched Sebastian Koch's video and instantly we knew that Wren's boys basketball team was about to make a significant jump in the standings with his addition to the squad. Koch will soon be making the journey from Germany to Piedmont, SC to play for Wren High.

A 6'6 point guard Koch has the potential to become a high major recruit due to his size and floor vision. I'm not trying to put any additional pressure on the youngster but he's got some qualities like Steve Nash in that he efficiently runs a team, makes some jaw dropping passes, and can shoot it with the best of them but he shows more athleticism.

Koch plays at a high level and we're expecting him to excel upon his arrival to the States. Why you might ask? Koch has already played with the German National 16U team last season so he's seen some of the world's very best competition. Along with playing against some of the world's with the German National Team Sebastian earned a distinct honor by playing in the German version of the Jordan Classic All-Star Game. Sebastian was the youngest player ever selected to play in the game. Below you can see Koch with his Jordan Classic squad in a photo with Michael Jordan.

We had an interview with the future Wren basketball player and the 2009 prospect filled us in on everything.

Sebastian Koch Q&A

KF: What players do you look up to and why?
SK: Tracy McGrady. I like his style, he´s a good ball handler for his size and he can knock down the 3 too. And he comes up big in clutch situations. Carmelo Anthony too. I like how he creates his own shot with the jab step. Like T-Mac I just love his style of playing. They are both smooth players.

KF: With your move to the US coming quickly and having spoken to Wren's head basketball coach will you remain a point guard or will he move you to another position?
SK: Actually, I don´t know. But I'd prefer to run the point.

KF: If he does move you will you be comfortable with that?
SK: I guess I have to be comfortable with it but I really see me as a point guard and would like to remain a 1. But if I have to play the 2 or 3 then I´m fine with that.

KF: What player do you think your game is similar to? Why?
SK: I´m a tall PG like Shaun Livingston and I´m always trying to get my teammates involved. I´m more of a shooter though, so I say my style is similar to Tracy McGrady's.

KF: What were your stats from last season? Points, rebounds, assists, steals, etc. per game.
SK: Here in Germany the only statistics they count are the points, free throws taken/hit/missed and 3´s made. I averaged 25 ppg shot around 80% from the free throw line and made 30 3´s in 12 regular season games. I must have been near a triple double in every game though.

KF: What colleges are you most interested in learning more about or would like to hear from?
SK: Syracuse, North Carolina, and Connecticut.

KF: Do you have a favorite college, if so who?
SK: Syracuse

KF: What personal goals are you hoping to accomplish next season at Wren?
SK: To get as far as possible with the team and improving my game as much as I can too.

KF: Do you think it will be a smooth transition coming from Germany to the States?
SK: Basketball-wise yes. I´ve been to the States a lot of times and also played ball there. The level where I´m playing now in Germany is very high with the national team and finishing 3rd place (Under-16) overall in Germany with my team. Recently I played 3 games against France's national team. So I think I will adjust pretty quickly.

Koch with the 16U German National Team

KF: What would you prefer to have in a game if only just one, 30 points or 10 dimes?
SK: I really don´t care about statistics. I'm a point guard so I'd say 10 dimes. But if my team needs points from me I will knock down my shots and I really don´t care if I score 30 at the end.

KF: We've seen your video and it's very impressive, give us a self analysis/description of your game on the court.
SK: That´s a tough question. I think it´s very hard to judge your own game. I say I´m pretty creative with the ball in my hands and I like to create plays for my team.

KF: What parts of your game makes you such an outstanding prospect?
SK: Obviously my size and ball handling are my biggest strengths. I´m a very good shooter with range. NBA 3´s are no problem for me. In practice I usually take around 40 3´s to hit 25 (from the European line which is a bit farther out than the high school and college line). Finding open teammates is another strength of mine.

KF: What areas do you want to work on to improve your game?
SK: Probably my defense. Obviously with my size it isn´t always easy to lock down opposing point guards who are small and quick. I need to build some more muscle too, but I have two more years of high school to improve my weaknesses.

SCPrepNation.com will have more on Sebastian Koch as he prepares to suit up Wren High next season on the hardwood. We are tentatively setting up a photo shoot with the young German American baller upon his arrival so stay tuned to SCPrepNation.com. We are the premier source for recruiting information when it comes to South Carolina high school athletes and sports.

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