Byrnes vs Indy: More Than Just A Scrimmage?

A clash of the titans is set to unfold on Saturday at Nixon Field in Duncan, SC. The Byrnes Rebels are set to host the Indpendence Patriots (NC). Oh we're sorry it's just a scrimmage, or is it? takes an early look at the big game, we mean scrimmage.

Scrimmages are commonplace during August when high school football teams are trying to get their bearings and make their final adjustments before the regular season starts. They are taking place all over the state and while they are common there are a few scrimmages that will bring huge crowds. On Saturday in Duncan, SC the Byrnes Rebels will host the Indpendence Patriots (NC) in a controlled scrimmage.

What makes the matchup so huge are the powerhouse programs involved. Byrnes has won 4 of the last 6 AAAA state championships in South Carolina and Independence has won 100+ straight games and 7 straight NC 4-AA state championships. Although "it's just a scrimmage" in the eyes of most, it remains a monumental matchup between two of the elite programs in not only the Carolinas but the entire country.

We spoke with some of Byrnes' players about their thoughts of playing the Patriots on Saturday. Arguably the southeast's hottest player on the recruiting front Byrnes DE Everett Dawkins had this to say about Saturday's scrimmage, "The scrimmage is going to be big. Independence is a nationally ranked team so it's going to be a great chance for our team to regain some of the respect that we lost last year after not going to state. It is also a big chance for a lot of our 1st year starters to step up."

"Man I have been looking forward to playing them again since last year. It's going to be great competition."

Byrnes WR Randall Hawkins also talked about playing against the Patriots. "I think it's going to go well. I'm looking forward to playing them, knowing that they are ranked higher than us."

The scrimmage is set to begin at 7:30 pm at Nixon Field. Expect a large turnout for the game so get there early. will be there to bring you the latest so stay tuned.

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