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Our first look at the SCHSL Playoff System and the point system for the 2002 season. We look at the points, the potential, where teams are headed and which games are making the biggest impact for seeding and pairing.

Over the next day or so we will take at a look at the point standing for the Class 4A playoff spots and how the teams are shaping up for playoff spots. With the changes that are in effect this season with the 4A point system, many of the seeds will be set much earlier. Also many of the teams will find themselves situated in a certain spot as early as Week 6 or 7.

We will start with the Big 16 teams and by the end of the weekend will take a look at where each team looks to finish up this season.

The key as we mentioned before the season is defeating a Big 16 teams with a winning records. The maximum points a team can reach this year is 33.0 and that can only occur if you beat two Big 16 teams with winning records.

This is the best scenario for a team to maximize points in Class 4A and receive the 33.0 points.


Game 1   4.5 win over Big 16 with a winning record
Game 2   4.5 win over Big 16 with a winning record
Game 3   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 4   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 5   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 6   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 7   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 8   4.0 win over Big 16/ Division 2
Game 9     Irrelevant ....does not count
Game 10   Irrelevant ....does not count
Game 11   Irrelevant ....does not count

The rules for the points are fairly simple this year.

· 8 games count in the points total

· 3 games are marked out

· Only 2 games against Big 16 teams can count in the points.

· Other Big 16 games on the schedule are counted as normal 4A games.

· In the event of a tie, all 11 games are tallied for breaking the tie.


This chart shows the results vs. Big 16 teams since that is the difference maker and the only true variable with the Playoff Point Formula as well as the wins, losses and points.

                              W L    Points      x    y     z

Dorman                  5    0      20         4    2    2

Northwestern          4   1      18.5       4    2    1

Spartanburg            3   2      18.5      3    2    2

Lexington                2   3     18           3    2    0

Gaffney                   1   4     17           5    4    2

Hillcrest                  1   4     16.5        2    1    0

Ridge View            1   4     16.5        4    3    2

Rock Hill                5   0    16             3    1    1

X = Big 16 games

Y= Games against Big 16 Winners

Z = Potential Wins against Big 16 Teams


Dorman (possible points 33.0)

The Cavs are in the catbirds seat for a variety reasons. No 1 they are undefeated, No 2. The Cavs have 2 wins over Big 16 teams and No.3 they play only 4A teams this season. They are the only team left with the potential to reach the maximum 33 points. Dorman could wrap up the #1 seed by Week 9.

If Dorman defeats Spartanburg and Lexington finish at least 6-5 then the Cavs are guaranteed the maximum 33 points and the No. 1 seed.

Northwestern (possible points 32.5)

The loss to Irmo is devastating to the Trojans. If the SCHSL lets them in the playoffs, then the Trojans can only make it to 32.5. Only Rock Hill is left on the schedule with a winning record for a Big 16 school. A 10-1 record would only get them to 32.5 and little chance at a #1 seed.

Spartanburg (possible points 32.5)

With the 3 mark offs, the early season losses are not crippling. However like the Trojans, there is no way that the Vikings can make it to 33.0 points. Spartanburg has no wins over Big 16 winning teams and only a date with Dorman remains. A win over the Cavs would give the Vikings 32.5 maximum which might be good enough for the Top Seed.

Lexington (possible points 32.0)

Lexington is almost completely done in with 3 early season losses and 2 losses to Big 16 winning teams. Only 4A teams are left on the schedule so running the table would be good for only 8 wins worth 4.0 point each for a total of 32.0 points. A loss in the final 6 games would mean the Cats would have to count a loss in their point total and would slip down even further. Lexington can just about plan on the 5 seed and a trip to the Low Country as a done deal.

Gaffney (possible points 32.0)

The possible points include wins over Spartanburg and Dorman which is very unlikely. Gaffney looks destined for the 6th seed and another trip to Sumter.

Hillcrest (possible points 31.0)

The Rams will battle Ridge View for

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