A.C. Flora vs RNE Scrimmage Update

Scrimmage action took place on Tuesday evening between A.C. Flora and Richland Northeast and SCPrepNation.com brings you some of the action from the scrimmage and the results. Come inside for all the latest as Kenneth Page (pictured) was in action.

On Tuesday night a nice battle was held in Columbia as A.C. Flora came over to RNE to battle the Cavaliers. The matchup between the teams also has some real firepower when it comes to individual standouts as well as Flora's OT Kenneth Page and RNE's LB Chaz Washington lead the way for their respective teams.

From the outset there was plenty of jaw jacking going on between the teams which made this a heated scrimmage.

The RNE defense lead by Washington spearheaded things for the Cavaliers. Washington had a huge hit early on in the game which kind of laid the groundwork for the night. The RNE senior talked about the hit with us after the game, "I think it was about the fifth play of the scrimmage and I got a great bead on their running back. It had to be one of my five best hits ever, it didn't make any sense how hard I hit him. They sent me on a blitz off the corner. I lined up in a ninety technique and it's really for me to time the snap for it to work well. The quarterback faked to the receiver and I was right there as he handed the ball off to the running back. He never saw me and coughed up the ball quick. My teammate fell on it for us."

Causing the big turnover wasn't the only big play for Washington on the night either. "I had another huge hit later on in the game too. The second hit I actually scooped the quarterback. I came off the edge showing a blitz while they were in the shotgun. The quarterback faked to the running back and the running back moved out of my way basically because I had a bead on the QB then. As soon as he was about to throw the ball I was right there. I wrapped my arms around him and my right shoulder hit his chest so I had him in the air and slammed him into the ground for the sack. It drove the RNE fans crazy."

A.C. Flora scored on what appeared to be on a blown coverage by one of the RNE cornerbacks as he snuck behind the defender on a hitch and had time for a cup of coffee as he awaited on the ball and took it in for the score.

The night would be a long one for the A.C. Flora squad as RNE came away with a 41-12 victory.

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