Union and Clinton kick off tough Region 3 - 3A

Region 3 - 3A kicks off in a great fashion with w classic matchups worthy of a state championship match up


The swarm invades Clinton this upcoming Friday night and the prognosis is not good for the Red Devils! But first, a brief moment to congratulate the Union Yellow Jackets seniors on another outstanding achievment. After last week's win over York the Jacket seniors, in their four year tenure at Union High, completed non-region play ('99-present) with an impressive 15-3 record in such games. It should be noted that all three of those non-region losses were to 4A Div.I (Big 16) schools. During this time span the seniors have been a part of 5 victories over the Big 16, giving them a mark of 5-3 vs. Big 16 schools. No other 3A school in the state can boast of 5 such victories in the last three and a half seasons! Also, all of the Jacket's 15 non-region wins have been against 3A or larger schools - no 2A's or 1A's in the mix. Congratulations, seniors! Nice going.

This week the proverbial "new season" begins. Region play kicks in and all the games are for keeps! Each team begins anew with a mark of 0-0. Now's when the fun begins.

Clinton has the dubious honor of facing the Jackets in their (Red Devil's) inaugural season in Region III. After opening the season 2-0 the Red Devils have fallen on some tough times. What Clinton must realize is that times are about to get worse. Last week the Red Devils were skunked by 2A Abbeville 20-0 and this week they must face the 3A No. 1 Union Yellow Jackets. The loss to Abbeville was Clinton's third in a row and all indicators point towards a fourth. With superior strength, speed and athleticism the Jackets shouldn't have much trouble notching their sixth consecutive victory. This in not over-confident braggadocio- it is simply factual reiteration. The Yellow Jackets embark upon region action this season with one - and only one - goal in mind and the Clinton Red Devils simply will not be allowed to intervene between the Jackets and the 3A apex to which they aspire!

The Yellow Jackets begin the '02 region schedule with a 16-1 record and 2 Region III crowns ('99,'00) in the last three seasons. Technically speaking the York Cougars, which have this year been realigned to Region IV, are the defending Region III Champions but, after having demolished the Cougars twice since York "wrested" away the region crown last year the Union Yellow Jackets are the "de facto" Region III Champions! At any rate, if any region foe wants to lay claim to the Region III crown they will have to check first with the Yellow Jackets! Come one, come all. All challenges accepted!

The only previous Yellow Jacket - Red Devil meeting over the last 3 seasons was a third round playoff match-up in which Clinton was a perfect 12-0. When the first quarter had ended the Jackets were up 21-0 and eventually went on to a 33-7 trouncing of the unbeated Red Devils. Prior to this contest there was much "fluster & bluster" from the Clinton faithful as to how "we want Union, we want Union!" As stated, after only one quarter of play, they didn't want Union anymore.

So, in closing, thanks to all the unwaivering support of swarmers everywhere and remember- Keep the swarm alive!

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