Amazing !!!! Georgia to Follow SC Example

In a move that can simply be described as HUH !!!, the Georgia High School Assocation approved the creation of a Big 32.

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Forsyth - The GHSA's executive committee passed the "Big 32" legislation with little resistance on Monday morning in Forsyth.

The 48-member panel was so much in the favor of the plan, which will address the enrollment disparity between Georgia's largest high schools, that a roll-call vote was not needed. Since the Big 32 is a constitutional amendment, it has to be passed twice and will be voted up again in the committee's spring meeting.

The idea behind the Big 32 is to keep schools such as Collins Hill, with nearly 3,400 students, from competing with schools with less than half of that many in the state playoffs of all major sports.

Under the plan, which won't take effect until the 2004-2005 season, Georgia would revert back from five to four classifications. The Big 32 schools would play in the same regions during the regular season with other Class AAAA schools, then split for separate state championship tournament in all major sports.

"I think [it passed so quickly] was probably because we had put the information out there numerous times and didn't scare people with the legislation," said Earl Etheridge, chairman of the reclassification committee. "I think we covered it thoroughly, and we had people on our committee go back in the neighborhoods and speak about it. So It wasn't like it was a [surprise]. I think it's new and intriguiging. Hopefully we made a step in the right direction."

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