Sebastian Koch: Names Early List

We told you first about Sebastian Koch and the 2009 PG prospect has been the target of numerous programs across the country. Koch took some time out of his busy schedule for an interview with to talk about his recruitment. Come inside and get all the scoop on the German import who is creating so much buzz amongst college coaches.

The stacks and stacks of mail for just one player at Wren High School are something new for the staff we're sure. We're talking hundreds of letters each week. The player we're talking about is 2009 PG Sebastian Koch. The 6'6 Koch has apparently created so much buzz that college programs from all over the nation are sending mail and recruiting packages to Piedmont, SC for Koch.

Koch sat down with us to give us an update on his recruitment and to talk about his upcoming season with Wren. With so many schools sending mail we had to ask Koch which schools he was hearing from the most currently. "Right now I'm open to every school out there. There's a lot of them sending me letters."

Some key programs have piqued the 6'6 point guard's interest somewhat early on in the process though. Koch rattled off the following list, "Florida, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, and Michigan State. You could say I like Florida as my favorite college right now but honestly I'm open to everyone who's recruiting me."

Some programs have went the extra mile early on in the recruiting process and made the trip to Piedmont to check out Koch. "Coaches from Wichita State, USC Upstate, and Virginia Tech have been by recently to talk to me."

While some players transfer from one school to another Koch made the move from one continent to another. He spoke about his transition from Germany to South Carolina, "It was very hard because I had to leave my family and friends, but I'm over that now." Koch seems ready to take on the new challenge in his life and take on competition here in the United States.

Folks who may think he had little competition in Germany, guess again. European basketball is at a high level and Koch has played against some of the very best being on the German National Team and also being the youngest player ever to play in the European Jordan Classic All-Star game. Yes his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, made the journey over to Europe to check out Koch in action during the Jordan Classic.

Koch is actually interested in seeing how tough the competition will be here in the states. "I can't wait until the season starts and to see how good the other players here are."

His offseason workouts have consisted of lots of pickup basketball and working out by lifting weights. Koch says, "I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary or special yet."

He impressed us during our 1st ever Basketball Photo Shoot at Southside High School. We had some of the top players in the upstate in attendance and anyone who doubted his talent soon found out he's the real deal. Koch may be shy in his demeanor but the young man dropped 3 pointers at a high rate. He started right on the line and then started to gradually step further and further out, all while nailing a great percentage of them.

He later displayed some athleticism during the players favorite part of the photo shoot, the chance to show off their hops and throw down some vicious dunks. Koch may not be an imposing physical specimen yet when it comes to brawn but he threw down a variety of dunks that many others don't have in their arsenal. One dunk that he tried late in the photo shoot caught everyone off guard. He drove hard to the basket and leaped into the air and put the ball between his legs and windmilled with his right hand. Koch missed it (not by much) but it was also after maybe 120+ jumpshots and 10-15 previous dunk attempts. As he continues to get stronger he'll be an even bigger force for opponents to try and slow down.

With so many schools after him Koch says he's already been invited to take some visits. "Virginia Tech wanted me to come visit them but it was just too far right now. I did make it down to Clemson and I got a chance to meet Coach Purnell."

Some of Koch's teammates knew very little of him and then word leaked out that he'd already played in the Jordan Classic from our intro story on him. From there Koch says that, "yeah some of them were pretty amazed after they found out."

As for the upcoming basketball season Koch had a few thoughts he shared with us. "I'm just going try to make my team better and of course I want to make it to the state championship. I'll just be the point guard of the team and try to make the other players better and make smart decisions."

There will be some key factors that will be big issues for Koch in his decision making process when it comes to recruiting. He talked about it at length. "I want to go to a college where I get early playing time because I don't want to be at a good college and not play. I don't really care about the location, but I also don't want be somewhere where there are blizzards, tornadoes, and stuff like that."

Koch says he'll take a methodical approach when it comes to his recruitment as well. "I'm just going to wait and see what colleges want me and I'll make the decision with my parents." will keep you up to date on Sebastian Koch's recruitment so keep it locked right here!

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