SCPrepNationTV: Southside vs Carolina

On paper not too many people would appreciate the matchup between AA schools Southside and Carolina. This Saturday afternoon makeup game provided us the chance to witness two budding stars in action. 2009 WR Chris Rhodes (pictured) of Southside and 2009 RB Tyson Dozier of Carolina. Come inside and check out the FREE video highlights from the battle between the Tigers & Trojans.

Check out video highlights of the initial installment of SCPrepNationTV in a Saturday afternoon game between Southside High and Carolina High.

Southside would go on to a 36-21 victory as WR Chris Rhodes hauled in 2 dynamic TD catches. Check Rhodes out as he utilizes some great moves and speed to find the endzone. Rhodes had just 3 catches for 58 yards after sitting out the first quarter but his moves to get to the endzone livened up the crowd.

Carolina RB Tyson Dozier on the other hand is a stud RB prospect who likes to get around the end but doesn't shy away from contact and actually dragged a lot of Southside defenders on Saturday afternoon. In fact he had 35 carries for 222 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day.

Key Prospects To Watch For
Southside 2009 WR Chris Rhodes (#3 in white jersey)
Carolina 2009 RB Tyson Dozier (#22 in blue jersey)

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