Byrnes CB: Another Visit To See Gamecocks

2009 Byrnes CB Riyahd Richardson came on the scene with a vengeance this past offseason. Playing opposite Shrine Bowl corner Cartier Rice the junior prospect has come up with some great plays including tying a school record 3 interceptions in one game a few weeks ago. Richardson made another trip to Columbia to visit the USC Gamecocks and talks about recruiting inside.

A few weeks ago against Clover who was ranked #7 in AAAA at the time Byrnes CB Riyahd Richardson put his name in the Rebel record books by intercepting 3 passes in a single game. When asked about his accomplishment Riyahd responded, "It felt great during the game and when you really think about it. This week I'm gonna try to get 3 more or even 4 to try and break the record though."

That winning attitude mixed with some swagger has boded well for Richardson. A number of colleges have been swamping him with letters, calls, and requests to make visits. "Yes sir, out of all the schools recruiting me I'd say South Carolina, Rutgers, Notre Dame, and Boston College are recruiting me the hardest."

The in-state Gamecocks recently received a second visit from Richardson when they hosted Vanderbilt last weekend. "It was a good visit. When we got there they gave me my name tag, fed us, and we got to meet all of the coaches, and then went on the field. It was a very fun visit." When asked about his feelings for South Carolina and if they were one of the early frontrunners Richardson responded, "Yes sir. I've been wanting to go there since I was in the 8th grade." Brad Lawing is recruiting Richardson for the Gamecocks.

Georgia is another school Richardson says he'd add to the list above that he's interested in. No other programs have received any visits from Richardson to this point. "Rutgers invited me to their game against West Virginia but I couldn't make it. I will get to one of their games before the season is over hopefully though."

Richardson and the Rebels are coming off a huge victory over rivals Gaffney 49-14 last week. Emotions ran high for most of the players and Richardson says he was amongst them. "It was so intense. Before the game I had tears in my eyes I was so ready to play. We walked down the hill and I really got pumped up though. That was the most intense game I've been in. We just went out there and played how we had to play and came up with the win."

With their record at 9-0 and a playoff appearance on the horizon Riyahd says the Rebels aren't looking ahead. "Oh no sir, we're taking it one game at a time. We have Mauldin this week and they have a huge wide receiver that's 6'3 or 6'4 (Josh McKie) so that's part of our focus for this week."

Given the Rebels propensity to produce top wide receivers every year we asked Richardson what it was like going up against a strong core of receivers everyday in practice. "Yes sir I think we get a great test everyday in practice. Our wide receivers are the best in the state. The ones and our twos (first & second string WRs) are so good so yeah its good for me to have that kind of competition daily to step my game up." will have more updates with Riyahd Richardson as the season rolls on and heads towards the playoffs so keep it locked right here with us, the best in the business when it comes to SC high school sports and recruiting coverage!

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